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Branding Being Lost By Bingo Sites

Saturday, Jan. 13th 2018 7:26 AM

Online Bingo Branding

Branding Being Lost
In Compliance

It wasn’t that long ago that we covered some of the changes that were being made at various bingo sites in an effort to be compliant [read more here]. The UK Gambling Commission had sent a letter to all operators requesting that they remove ads that were ‘likely to appeal particularly to people aged 17 or younger (‘under 18’)’ and, ‘generally available to view (‘freely accessible’).’

Operators complied and we have seen some of the personalities from various bingo sites lost but now we’re seeing Dragonfish sites taking it one step further, and in many cases, stripping the sites bare of any individuality! Site owners have invested substantially in building the branding, only to be told that much of it has to now be removed.

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Silk Bingo Reduce Wagering Requirements

Tuesday, Jul. 11th 2017 7:38 AM

Silk Bingo is one of those brands that we don’t visit very often but in one of our bonus checks recently, we had cause to check out all that they had to offer. Upon landing at the site, it was clear to see that the virtual painters and decorators had been in! The logo has changed, and the overall aesthetics of the site had improved.

It was then that we noted the cash match bonus on first deposit had been reduced significantly. Further investigation revealed that the wagering requirements have been reduced too so what might, at first glance, look like a negative thing, actually has some positive connotations too at Silk Bingo.

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Wink And Now Nudge Nudge Bingo

Thursday, Aug. 8th 2013 7:10 AM

It was only a few weeks ago that we laughed A LOT about a video clip from Jake Yapp called Bingo Brainstorm, a sketch that sees him trying desperately to come up with a name for a new site. We can imagine that a similar scenario recently took place in an office somewhere and the result was Nudge Nudge Bingo! What a ridiculous name for a brand offering Internet bingo…

A visit to the site reveals an equally ridiculous design with saucy seaside picture postcards. Each has a double entendre and are probably used to enhance the sites strapline, ‘Add a bit of sauce to your bingo’.

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A Lick Of Virtual Bingo Paint Please!

Wednesday, Jun. 13th 2012 7:49 AM

With so many online bingo brands to choose from as a player it is often the first impression a site gives that sways our decision as to whether we take the plunge and register or simply click the back button and find another site to play at. Of course there are many other factors involved in our choices, deposit bonuses, loyalty, free games etc but if a site doesn’t look great, what impression does that give?

We’ve reviewed and played at many a brand as Playing Bingo has grown but here we take a look at some of the sites that require a lick of virtual bingo paint quite quickly. These sites may have been around quite some time but they need to do something with their landing pages in order to maintain a flow of new players through their virtual doors. Online bingo is a competitive market and without the right first impression, these brands are unlikely to see many players taking the time to register and play.

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Making A Date With A Bingo Brand

Wednesday, Jun. 6th 2012 7:25 AM

This may seem like an odd title for a bingo related news article but a recent bout of review writing set the grey matter working in how like choosing a potential lover choosing and online bingo brand to play at is. Bare with us on this one, all will become clear as we take you through our thinking on making a date with a bingo brand.

What is it that first attracts you to another person? If we are all honest it is looks although some would prefer to think that we weren’t that shallow, first and foremost that is what catches our eye and isn’t it the same when you land at a site? You take in the layout, the colour scheme and a few other factors before taking the plunge or hitting the back button.

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Designing Your Online Bingo Homepage

Thursday, Apr. 12th 2012 7:54 AM

One of my jobs here at Playing Bingo is to review all of the online bingo sites available on the internet so as you can imagine, with over 350 brands, I am kept quite busy! What never fails to amaze me about the design of many a brand online today is the complete disconnection with what an online bingo player is looking for. Of course I can only speak from personal preference but I’m not excited by a brand that appears to have put absolutely no effort or thought into the design of their landing page.

Ok, so the saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but there is also the saying “first impressions count” so why don’t many online bingo brands make theirs count? All too often it’s apparent that a brand has slapped something together rather than look at their target audience and try to think like them.

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