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Friday Night Failure For Gamesys

Friday, Nov. 29th 2013 11:25 PM

If you’re anything like us, then an enjoyable Friday night is logging on for a few games of online bingo, but if you logged onto any of the Gamesys sites tonight, you may have noticed a serious Friday night failure on the part of the network. Every site that uses Gamesys software, including Sun Bingo, Virgin Bingo, Heart Bingo and Fabulous Bingo are all down and giving error messages. If you wanted to log on for a few games, you won’t be doing so on the Gamesys software.

An error message across the sites say that they are carrying out site maintenance, to make the experience even better than before. We don’t know what they mean by that, or whether they are actually making improvements. Could this be the point we see mobile bingo launching, or is there some other planned maintenance that players didn’t know about?

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