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Thursday, Jul. 5th 2018 7:29 AM

Gambling Operators - Financial Checks

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In June 2018 32Red was penalised to the tune of £2 million following an investigation by the Gambling Commission. They were found to have serious failings in their social responsibility and money laundering checks but they weren’t the first company to be slapped with a hefty fine for this reason.

£7.8 million was the fine levied against 888 back in August 2017 after they were found to fall short on their social responsibility processes too. These sort of shortcomings are not a new occurrence.

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Changes To Bingo Club Parking

Monday, Jan. 27th 2014 12:19 AM

As our readers will know on some occasions I like to visit our local bingo hall, this is the Mecca Bingo hall in York. As it is quite a trek, my friends and I usually travel by car which means using the parking facilities at the club. A recent news article caught my eye in the Scunthorpe Telegraph because it mentioned the parking at a Gala Bingo club and how a player had been fined a massive £85!

Reading the story I couldn’t help but notice the likeness to my most recent visit to the Mecca club in York. Although we don’t go often, previously it had simply been a case of park the car, go into the hall, buy your tickets and play the game. However, my husband had noticed that there were numerous signs in the club advertising the new parking system and how your car registration had to be entered into a keypad as you entered the club.

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