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Kannonballs At BingoRoo

Thursday, Sep. 28th 2017 7:42 AM

BingoRoo launched in May 2017 and at the point of opening, offered all new players a no deposit required bonus of £5. However, like many brands online, the introduction of a new tax in August 2017 saw the free play bonus removed. Whilst you can’t now ‘try before you buy’, the site still has an impressive 400% cash match to offer you at the point of your first deposit. Don’t forget, you also get three days free play in the Quids In room when you register, no deposit required.

As well as the initial cash match bonus, BingoRoo also has a number of exclusive deals for their players and one of those are the free email games called Kannonball. These are offered the moment that you make your first deposit, just keep an eye on your inbox for them!

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ASA Bans Big Bucks Bingo Email

Monday, Nov. 7th 2016 7:18 AM

It has been a while since we saw a ruling against an online bingo site by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) but last week Big Bucks Bingo felt the wrath of the independent regulator. We often see sports betting brands and casinos get a slap on the wrist from the ASA, but the bingo sites have not been on the rulings page for quite some time now.

So what exactly caused a complaint to be upheld against Big Bucks Bingo? The problem was an email that was sent in August offering a bonus code that would earn the user an extra bonus of £10 and 100 spins. There was one complaint about the email but two parts.

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Pick Your Outfit From The Bingo Wardrobe

Saturday, Sep. 5th 2015 7:45 AM

Recently we saw the launch of a brand called Lucky Socks Bingo, a site that instantly made is this of Lucky Pants Bingo and then, with the underwear sorted we had a mission in mind. Our plan today, and the theme of this article is your Bingo Wardrobe! No, it isn’t a new brand, although we were shocked to find the domain name wasn’t registered to anyone (it is now), we’re just having a bit of fun with some clothing themed brand names.

So as we have said, we have donned our bingo undies – our lucky socks and our lucky pants – the latter of which covers our Booty and we’ve been getting dressed in our Bingo Boudoir, but what’s next from the Bingo Wardrobe?

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