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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough At Sing Bingo

Monday, Apr. 17th 2017 3:10 AM

Bingo Starr is an international rock star as well as running a hugely successful Sing Bingo. As you can imagine, this can be stressful at times, so every now and then he likes to get away from it all to somewhere quiet where he can commune with nature. He wants to share this pass time with his lucky roomies, so has lined up a fantastic ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ promotion.

This 75 ball Sing Bingo game is taking place at 11pm on Monday 1st May. The games lucky winner will walk away with a £300 Inspire travel voucher to fund a relaxing four-day break in Snowdonia, complete with high mountains, low valleys and wide rivers! If nature is not really your thing, don’t worry because you can spend the voucher on a wide choice of holidays or just take £300 real cash if you prefer.

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Housework Hoax At Wish Bingo

Monday, Mar. 27th 2017 4:21 AM

Another month is nearly over, but that does not mean there isn’t still time for Wish Bingo to slip in one last promotion. If you jump on your magic carpet and fly over there now, not only could you clean up by winning a jackpot or two, but also get a head start on your spring cleaning thanks to the £500 worth of chore busting gadgets they are giving away through the Housework Hoax game.

Housework Hoax is a 90-ball bingo game that is all set to play at 10:30pm on Sunday 2nd April, and you can join in the fun online or on your mobile phone. Before you rush over there and start spending your valuable funds on cards, you might want to hold off a while, because as always, Wish Bingo are giving you the chance to earn them first.

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Sing Bingo’s Uptown Girl

Monday, Mar. 6th 2017 4:26 AM

When the summer finally arrives, you will want to be looking your best. If you are the fashion-conscious type, this means you’ll need to update your wardrobe, after all, no-one wants to be seen in last year’s designs. Before you go melting the plastic, you might want to check out the Uptown Girl promotion from Sing Bingo.

This fashionable promotion from Sing Bingo is running until 10:30pm on Thursday 16th March, where it ends in a 90-ball bingo game. The three lucky winners will share £500 worth of prizes between them, with the full house winner receiving Dune knee high boots, the 2 line winner a Versace jeans handbag and the 1 line winner a Babyliss Curl Secret.

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Feel The Love At Costa Bingo

Monday, Feb. 6th 2017 4:59 AM

February is the month of Love and Costa Bingo, and Sunny wants to share the romantic day of the year with his lucky roomies. He has lined up a Big Love In promotion that will see one lucky player walking away with a package of romantically themed prizes that are sure to put a smile on not only your own face, but also the face of whoever you choose to share it with!

Costa Bingo’s prize package is worth a whopping £500 and includes everything you need for a romantic night in. To kick things off there is a forty inch Sony Smart TV which is perfect for the latest RomCom. To make sure you are snuggled up with someone cozy, they are also throwing in two love pillows and a couple of warm throws. Alternatively, you can opt to take £500 cash instead.

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Treasure Bingo’s January Sails

Thursday, Jan. 12th 2017 5:13 AM

You might think there is a spelling mistake in the title of this article, but no, you would be wrong. You see, the January Sails at Treasure Bingo has nothing to do with money saving offers or picking up a bargain or two. They appreciate that you might need a little rest and relaxation after a stressful December, so they are giving you the chance to sail away to somewhere warmer!

This special 90 ball bingo game is not setting sail until 11pm on Tuesday 31st January, so you have plenty of time to get prepared. On the night, there is £500 worth of Thomas Cook holiday vouchers up for grabs, with the full house winner taking half, the two line winner a £150 voucher and the one line winner a £100 voucher. If you don’t fancy a holiday, Treasure Bingo will let you take the cash instead.

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X Marks The Spot At Treasure Bingo

Monday, Sep. 19th 2016 5:04 AM

Those cute little pirates that keep Treasure Bingo seaworthy have sailed into port this month for their X Marks the Spot promotion. It is running throughout September and culminates in a very special 90 ball bingo game at 10:30pm on Sunday 2nd October, and each of the three lucky winners will walk away with a little piece of treasure of their own!

Treasure Bingo’s winners will share £1,000 worth of jewelry between them. The full house winner will receive a stunning 14ct Strawberry Gold Diamond ring worth £500, the two line winner will be taking home a Zadig and Voltaire Crystal Bezel Bracelet Watch worth £290 and the one line winner will look gorgeous with a Buckley Sapphire Blue Collar Necklace worth £195 sitting around their neck.

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Sit Down With Costa Bingo

Saturday, Jul. 23rd 2016 3:34 AM

After coming home from a hard day at work, there is nothing worse than sitting down on an uncomfortable sofa. It does not matter with it’s the spring sticking in the back of your leg, the well worn arm or the fact it looks like it was purchased in the 70’s; it’s time to replace it! This is where the ‘Oh Sit Down’ promotion from Costa Bingo could come to the rescue.

This special 75 ball bingo game plays at 10pm on Sunday 31st July, and as always they are giving you the opportunity to earn cards. You have until 23:59 on the 28th, and Costa Bingo will give you five cards each time you top up your account with £20 or wager at least £20 on any of their fun packed instant games, regardless of if it’s online or your mobile device.

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Furniture Frenzy At Dino Bingo

Tuesday, Jul. 19th 2016 10:28 AM

Back in the Mesozoic Era, the dinosaurs did not have to worry about tables and chairs, and you would never find them sitting on the sofa catching up on the latest soaps! These days though they have upgraded a little and since they launched Dino Bingo, they have gotten used to the finer things in life and prefer a little comfort. They want their roomies to feel warm and cozy too, so have lined up a Furniture Frenzy promotion.

This special promotion from Dino Bingo is running until the end of the month where it ends with a special 75 ball bingo game. As always, they are giving you the opportunity to earn cards, but they are doing things slightly differently this month, and they will be based on how much you deposit. You will pick up 1 card for every £10 deposit, 5 cards for every £30 deposit and 10 cards each time you deposit £50 in a single transaction.

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