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New Site Plush Bingo Joins LBN

Tuesday, May. 9th 2017 7:53 AM

It was only in March that we saw the owners of Fruity King launch their first bingo offering on the Cozy Games platform, Swag Bingo. Just a month later, their second brand opened to players – a site called Plush Bingo. It’s the latter that we are looking at today but in all honesty, what we have to say you will have heard a hundred times before!

It’s great news when a new bingo site launches, it means a whole new welcome package for our readers to claim, but is that enough? Plush Bingo has the usual offer for newbies but whilst that’s the same, so is the whole gaming experience which means nothing new or exciting for you as a player.

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Swag Bingo Joins BBN

Thursday, Apr. 27th 2017 7:00 AM

Earlier this month we saw a new bingo site join the Best Bingo Network (BBN) and it’s called Swag Bingo. When we first heard the name we were a little shocked at the choice of name. The reason for this is that to us, swag is something that a thief has. In our head, we could see the typical cartoon depiction of a burglar – stripy black and white jumper, mask over the eyes and a bag with swag written on it – not the look you really want for a gambling site!

However, that’s not the definition of swag for Swag Bingo, they’ve gone more for your Urban Dictionary look – baseball caps, bling and YOLO! Sadly the design overall isn’t very enticing and with first impressions counting, we don’t think the brand does enough to encourage players to register and play.

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001 Bingo Launches On BBN

Thursday, Dec. 29th 2016 7:52 AM

When it comes to the home page of any bingo site, first impressions have to be good in such a competitive market. We were shocked to see the aesthetics for the latest site to join the Best Bingo Network, 001 Bingo. It’s clear the site is going for the retro 40/50’s feel, the home page of the site looks like the front page of a fashion magazine or dress pattern. Are they hoping to appeal to a certain age demographic?

The name is the site also has us scratching our head, what has 001 got to do with bingo? Or is it simply that they believe they are the number one bingo site online today? 001 Bingo has a long way to go before they can make that claim, and honestly, as a Cozy Games product, they have little hope.

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New Cozy Games Sites Launched

Thursday, Nov. 17th 2016 7:58 AM

When it comes to new bingo sites, some networks and software providers are more prolific than others when it comes to opening new brands. This is certainly true of the Cozy Games software and the end of October saw the launch of no less than five new sites on this software.

Three of the new Cozy Games sites opted for the Live Bingo Network (LBN), one arrived on the Best Bingo Network (BBN) and the last chose to be part of the smaller Lucky Duck Network (LDN). The brands that opened at the end of last month were Newbies Bingo, Lucky Puppy Bingo and Viva La Bingo on LBN, Igloo Bingo on BBN and Becky’s Bingo on LDN.

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New To Cozy Games, Igloo Bingo

Thursday, Oct. 20th 2016 7:00 AM

On 17th October a new bingo site launched on the Best Bingo Network powered by the Cozy Games software. The site is called Igloo Bingo and whilst we’re always a little excited about a new addition to the ranks of bingo sites online, we’re disappointed to find that once again it is just a skin. However, with that said, the company that owns the brand (Meteor Marketing) already have their hands in the bingo pie with Rocket Bingo and if you look at that site, there are a number of exclusive offers and promotions.

Could we be set to see a Cozy Games that actually brings something different to the bingo table? Is Igloo Bingo set to offer up some unique deals and promotions for the players that choose to register and deposit with them? We will have to wait and see.

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New Bingo Sites And Coming Soon Brands

Thursday, Oct. 13th 2016 7:54 AM

New Sites In September 2016

New Sites In
September 2016

September was quite a month for new bingo sites, those that launched and news of those are set to hit our monitors over the coming weeks/months. Dragonfish rolled out a few brands, a new name hit the 15 Network and we heard of a selection of sites coming soon to the Cozy Games software too.

For details of all the new bingo sites that we have reviewed, you can check our dedicated page. It’s listed in the menu to the left of this article but for now, we’re going to give you a quick summary of what has launched and what’s expected over the coming weeks.

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Live TV At Lucky Diner Bingo

Friday, Jul. 29th 2016 7:17 AM

As regular readers here at Playing Bingo will know, I am not a huge fan of the Cozy Games products. Over the years I have been more than a little scathing but you may have noticed, this has lightened a little recently. First, the sites reduced the minimum withdrawal amounts, then they created Wizard of Bingo and now Lucky Diner Bingo has Live TV.

It’s odd because I’ve never really been impressed with what the likes of Gala Bingo have to offer by way of the live shows, and the G2 Gtech stuff certainly doesn’t float my boat, but a visit to the new bingo site, Lucky Diner Bingo, on their second night of opening, and I stayed for the session – only leaving to eat my dinner! Maybe I didn’t give the others a fair crack of the proverbial whip.

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Sweet Home Bingo Launches And Goldfish Resurfaces

Thursday, Jun. 16th 2016 7:20 AM

In the news today, we have details of two ‘new’ Cozy Games brands, both on the Best Bingo Network. However, whilst one is shiny and new (Sweet Home Bingo), the other was first launched back in 2011 (Goldfish Bingo). The latter brand was around for about three and a half years before November 2014 when we suddenly saw the site direct it’s players to Gone Bingo.

No explanation was offered by Goldfish Bingo, not even a by your leave from the site, just a simple redirect. However, a short while ago, those who clearly don’t have the historical information of the brand, were banding about the name as a ‘new’ bingo site. The end of May saw the site relaunch.

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