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Upgrade Your Garden At Costa Bingo

Monday, Apr. 24th 2017 5:26 AM

It won’t be too long now before we see the return of the sun and your friends and neighbours will want to descend to enjoy a few cool drinks whilst topping up their tans. Unfortunately, this means you need to tackle the weeding and all those other little jobs you have been putting off over the Winter months. Once you have done that, you will be ready to entertain, especially if you are one of the lucky winners of Costa Bingo’s Garden Upgrade promotion.

Costa Bingo’s Sunny is a man that likes to ensure his roomies are comfortable, regardless of whether they are sitting in front of the computer or relaxing in the garden. To this end, he has lined up a fantastic 90-ball bingo games that comes packed full of prizes that are sure to make you the talk of the Summer garden party season!

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St. Pats Party Weekend At Costa Bingo

Tuesday, Mar. 14th 2017 7:23 AM

Most people know that St. Patrick’s Day is not too far off now. As a bingo player, even if your didn’t, the rush of Irish themed promotions over the last week or so will have given you a clue. The latest that we have come across is from Costa Bingo and there is a trip for two to the Emerald Isle itself to be won!

The promotion was first announced on 1st March and since that time, players have been eligible to collect tickets for the big prize bingo game that plays on Friday 17th March at 9 pm. You have until 16th March to collect your tickets but alternatively, you can pre-buy them from the lobby at a cost of £2 each. If you prefer, you can exchange 10 Diamonds for a card too.

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Free-bruary At Costa Bingo

Tuesday, Feb. 21st 2017 7:40 AM

Valentine’s Day has passed but there’s still quite a week left until online bingo sites like Costa Bingo start turning their attention towards Mother’s Day in March, or in some cases St David’s Day. Costa rolled with the Valentine’s promotions but running alongside those was their Free-bruary offer and you’ve still got time to get involved.

Although the suggestion is that this is a free promotion from Costa Bingo, it’s not. In order to be eligible to be a winner you need to have first made a deposit in February. The reason for this is that the prize on offer in the game on 2nd March at 11pm is your February deposits back. If you haven’t made a deposit, you can’t win. Additionally, you have to have purchased a ticket for this game (unless you have Diamonds accumulated).

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Different Options For Gaming At Costa Bingo

Thursday, Dec. 15th 2016 7:49 AM

When it comes to the software that powers Costa Bingo and sites like it, we have seen some changes over recent months. There has been an update to the software that makes it look far sleeker and up to date than it did before and whilst it’s really only the aesthetics that have change, the functionality means that you continue to have a great gaming experience.

Costa Bingo have taken things one step further though, and other sites are likely to follow suit in the not too distant future. At Costa you now have to make a choice when you login to play at their site. You’re presented with two different lobby options when you login and click ‘Play Now’, the classic lobby or the newly available tablet lobby.

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Christmas Kickstarter With Costa Bingo

Tuesday, Nov. 22nd 2016 7:45 AM

Although we are still in November, for many of us the Christmas planning and preparation is well underway. It may be that you have already started buying presents and stocking up on chocolates for the festive period but hold on for a bit because Costa Bingo has their Christmas Kickstarter still going on!

Throughout the month Costa Bingo have been giving away an array of prizes in special games every evening and although we’re just six games away from the end of the promotion, there’s still time to grab yourself a prize or two.

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Johnny Vegas Joins Costa Bingo

Monday, Jun. 13th 2016 7:49 AM

If you are a Costa Bingo player then you will already know about Sunny, the bright smiley character that is the face of the brand. You will find that he has a new voice now, and one that you might recognise because it’s none other than the well-known comedian Johnny Vegas. It is not yet known if he is going to front the site and feature in their promotions in the same way that Spice Girl Mel B did in the past, but we are looking forward to seeing what they have planned.

Johnny’s first foray into the world of online bingo comes in the shape of two eleven second adverts. The first of these sees a sunglasses-clad Sunny cheekily asking if you fancy some fun for free before being wolf whistled by someone just out of shot. He calls them a cheeky thing before going on to tell you (the viewer) that you can play for free and win real cash!

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Costa Bingo Bonus Jackpots

Tuesday, Apr. 5th 2016 7:04 AM

Costa Bingo, like many 888 / Cassava sites online today, is to be host to the big £200,000 jackpot game towards the end of April. Players can buy tickets for just £1 each and be in with a chance of winning a share of the impressive bounty on offer. However, at Costa Bingo, your £1 ticket spend will get you a bit more than it would at most participating sites.

Costa Bingo have a £20,000 bonus prize pool that they’ll be giving away from 29th March until 20th April and whilst you may have missed a few games, there is still time to get involved.

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Sunny’s Snowstorm At Costa Bingo

Tuesday, Jan. 12th 2016 7:56 AM

Us Brits love to moan about the weather, and let’s face it, right now it is really miserable so we have a lot to moan about! Costa Bingo appreciate that a lot of fun can be had in the snow though, so have lined up a fantastic promotion, giving you the chance to win a fun packed weekend for you and your family at your local indoor slope worth a whopping £1,000, and if you are quick, you could be taking part for free as they are giving you the chance to earn cards.

Costa Bingo may not be helping you jet off to the pistes, but that does not mean they have not lined up a fun packed prize. For a start, there is a £250 snow centre voucher which can be used at your local indoor slopes for an action packed weekend. To ensure you don’t have to drive there and back, they have thrown in a £200 Premier Inn voucher to pay for a room or two.

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