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Social Responsibility Failures Cost Butlers Bingo

Tuesday, Dec. 12th 2017 7:26 AM

Over the last few months we have seen some quite large fines levied against a number of gambling operators for failures around the social responsibility policies. Gala were fined £2.3 million and 888 a massive £7.8 million. Broadway Gaming (the company responsible for Butlers Bingo and a number of other online bingo sites) appear to have got off quite likely with a fine of £100,000 for their shortcomings.

The Gambling Commission (UKGC) chose to investigate the company after an Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling that was published back in June 2016. There had been one complaint about an onsite advert that focused on the welcome offer, an offer that was ‘Deposit £10, play with £25’. The complainant felt the ad was misleading because the significant terms around wagering were not clear. The ASA agreed and upheld the complaint.

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ASA Ruling on Butlers Bingo

Monday, Jul. 11th 2016 7:46 AM

Broadway Gaming Ltd, the company that owns and operates Butlers Bingo have this week had their wrists slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have they were reported for misleading information on their mobile home page. The complaint was brought after their page featured a promotion on the 15th April offering “Deposit £10. Play £35”.

The complainant contacted the ASA after challenging whether the offer was misleading or not, as it failed to mention that there were wagering requirements attached to the offer before players could withdraw any winnings. Broadway Gaming Ltd apologised and started that the missing wagering requirements were an oversight, and the page was updated to include the relevant information.

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Bingo Withdrawals – Why The Headache?

Thursday, Sep. 25th 2014 7:27 AM

When I first started playing bingo online the withdrawal process came as a bit of a shock when I was in a position to actually cash out. Although this was some 10 years ago, I still remember the experience quite clearly. I’d deposited £10 at a site, one that has long since closed, played a little bingo and then spun in a win of £100 on a slot game. I was ecstatic and instantly went to withdraw rubbing my hands with glee and already spending the money in my head. I’d not met wagering requirements, it was flowed back to my account and I spent it up trying to meet the wagering requirements.

For me winning at bingo should be exciting and being able to withdraw your money should be an easy process. Sadly this is often not the case and can prove to be more than a little bit frustrating, even for the player who has been around for a while like me.

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