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Is Mansfield The Lucky Place To Play Bingo?

Tuesday, Apr. 10th 2018 4:41 AM

Costa Bingo

Mansfield Welcomes
Lady Luck

We all love online bingo and the chance to log on to our favourite sites and share a laugh with our buddies. Therefore, every now and then, we like to put down the virtual dauber and head out for a game or two at our local bingo hall. If you live near Nottinghamshire then you’re in luck, because the Apollo Bingo Club there is fast becoming one of the luckiest places in the country.

We can’t explain why, but it appears lady luck has set up home at the Apollo Bingo Club in Mansfield. Their players have been winning big over the past few months, with a whopping £50,000 won in one month alone, when the venue scooped a quartet of big wins. The club is currently owned by Majestic Bingo which was set up in 2014, but the venue has been serving the local community for almost twenty years.

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My Double Whammy At Foxy Bingo

Friday, Jan. 31st 2014 7:12 AM

Those who read this page regularly may remember I was lucky enough to win an LCD television set in the Foxy Prize Promotion a couple of months ago. I was incredibly shocked with my big win, especially as I’m only an occasional player at the site, but now I’ve topped that as on Monday this week I was one of three lucky players to win a holiday in Devon, or in fact the cash value share of £500!

The holiday games have been playing at Foxy Bingo since Monday 20th January and each day there has been a different holiday given away for free. Each holiday is worth £1,500 and you can take the cash value or the holiday. I shared my game with two other players (well done whoever you are), and so we each collect £500 cash.

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Would You Be a Named Winner?

Tuesday, Jul. 2nd 2013 12:32 PM

Recently some lucky lady won £29,624 at Flutters bingo hall in Biggleswade in the first national win at the club in two years. Manager Martin Redmond said it was a great coup for the club, and apparently it caused a lot of excitement locally. We don’t know who the winner was, as she didn’t want her name published in the local newspaper that reported the win. You can read the article here. Which brings us to the question “Would you allow yourself to be named as a big winner?”.

The Biggleswade winner didn’t want her name known, perhaps because it’s very easy to get an address from a name these days, and before you know it you’re forking out a chunk of your winnings for beefed up home security.

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Bank Holiday Fun At Tombola Bingo

Monday, May. 6th 2013 7:11 AM

Tombola Bingo are really pushing the boat out this week for the Bank Holiday week ahead. We’re all hoping the UK sunshine continues, and even if it doesn’t, the sun will be shining in the Tombola rooms as £200,000 is to be won in just seven days in some very special games!

Starting Bank Holiday Monday, a £200,000 Bank Holiday week treat will be up for grabs in Bingo Roulette, and that’s not all, with some special Bingo 90 jackpots too today at Tombola!

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A Winning Week For Tombola Players

Monday, Apr. 22nd 2013 7:23 AM

We love hearing about big bingo winners, after all, that’s why we all play in the hope of winning a big jackpot. Last week at Tombola Bingo was an especially lucky for players, and they’ve just announced details of all the big winners.

Tombola Bingo offer some of the biggest jackpots and best games around. There are no slots, no side games, just a whole host of bingo and multi-player games and they all come with cracking jackpots.

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Grandmother Scoops Massive Ladbrokes Bingo Win

Thursday, Jan. 10th 2013 7:48 AM

Many of us have turned to our favourite bingo sites for a bit of respite over the festive season, but for one grandmother from West Yorkshire, a bit of festive play turned into something very much more serious indeed. The unnamed lady became the luckiest festive winner of all time at Ladbrokes Bingo, scooping a massive £281,000!

One big win over the festive season could be considered a bonus, but this lucky Ladbrokes Bingo player scooped £31,000 and then went on to win a further £250,000, taking her total win to a staggering £281,000!

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