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Jackpot Changes At Dragonfish Bingo Sites

Thursday, Dec. 7th 2017 7:39 AM

For quite some time the Dragonfish network appeared to stagnate. Where other sites were launching new and interesting games, making changes around various areas, the biggest network online looked to be doing very little to keep up with the Joneses’. Earlier in the year we saw a flurry of activity around the sites on the network though as changes were made to the wagering and withdrawal rules.

The momentum of change will continue into the New Year because come 1st January, sites like Flowerpot Bingo (to name just one on the network) are set to see a dramatic shake-up of the jackpot schedule. Luckily we’ve managed to secure details of the movers and shakers involved.

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Impending Changes With Dragonfish Bingo Sites

Tuesday, Feb. 24th 2015 7:47 AM

It doesn’t seem that long ago that all of the Dragonfish brands removed the standard 50% reload bonus that was offered in favour of a tiered reload bonus of as little as 10% but as much as 80%. This appeared to be a pre-emptive move because of the Point of Consumption (PoC) tax. The PoC was introduced in December and just two months later there are more impending changes with the Dragonfish network.

Although the promotional information on sites like Loquax Bingo suggests that the changes are only for March, we have a suspicion that if well received, these amendments will be a permanent fixture. The only part of the impending changes that we think may not stick is the free tickets to a big jackpot game. That said, only time will tell.

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Forbidden Bingo Names

Friday, Nov. 23rd 2012 6:55 AM

When it comes to naming a child there are certain names that people tend to steer clear of for obvious reasons. For example, how many babies to you hear of today being called Adolf? Surely the same principle can be applied to bingo brand names? We thought so which lead to us taking a look at some that we felt would not be appropriate for a brand…

We started with something quite obvious, Cheat Bingo, and checked out both the and .com for each of the brands that we are going to look at. For Cheat Bingo we were shocked to find that the .com of the domain actually redirects to Jackpot City! The domain whois is protected so it could be that someone who had an issue simply wanted to make a point! The has yet to be purchased.

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A Lick Of Virtual Bingo Paint Please!

Wednesday, Jun. 13th 2012 7:49 AM

With so many online bingo brands to choose from as a player it is often the first impression a site gives that sways our decision as to whether we take the plunge and register or simply click the back button and find another site to play at. Of course there are many other factors involved in our choices, deposit bonuses, loyalty, free games etc but if a site doesn’t look great, what impression does that give?

We’ve reviewed and played at many a brand as Playing Bingo has grown but here we take a look at some of the sites that require a lick of virtual bingo paint quite quickly. These sites may have been around quite some time but they need to do something with their landing pages in order to maintain a flow of new players through their virtual doors. Online bingo is a competitive market and without the right first impression, these brands are unlikely to see many players taking the time to register and play.

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