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Is Mansfield The Lucky Place To Play Bingo?

Tuesday, Apr. 10th 2018 4:41 AM

Costa Bingo

Mansfield Welcomes
Lady Luck

We all love online bingo and the chance to log on to our favourite sites and share a laugh with our buddies. Therefore, every now and then, we like to put down the virtual dauber and head out for a game or two at our local bingo hall. If you live near Nottinghamshire then you’re in luck, because the Apollo Bingo Club there is fast becoming one of the luckiest places in the country.

We can’t explain why, but it appears lady luck has set up home at the Apollo Bingo Club in Mansfield. Their players have been winning big over the past few months, with a whopping £50,000 won in one month alone, when the venue scooped a quartet of big wins. The club is currently owned by Majestic Bingo which was set up in 2014, but the venue has been serving the local community for almost twenty years.

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Bingo Hall Buffoonery Ends In Court

Tuesday, Aug. 5th 2014 10:19 AM

It does happen in a lot of establishments, probably more often than you think, especially with Britain’s booze culture. Yes, we’re talking about the old ‘fall asleep, and get locked inside’ scenario where a drunken customer wakes up to find themselves locked in, with no obvious way out.

Most people don’t tend to end up in court but Nathan Westmoreland was unfortunate enough to find himself in the dock when others luckily get away with a bit of embarrassing CCTV footage of their escapade being published on Youtube. He was found in Apollo Bingo Club in Rhyl by cleaners the next morning.

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