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Bingo Besties And Other New Bingo Names

Saturday, Feb. 3rd 2018 7:36 AM


New Bingo Brands
Coming Soon

Over the last couple of months we have seen quite a few well established bingo brands close their virtual doors to players. The latest was Snap Bingo, a Dragonfish brand that has been around since 2010. The site closed to players on 21st January 2018. However, whilst we have seen quite a few closures, we have also seen a couple launch AND know of a few that are coming soon.

As well as Snap Bingo we have seen a number of Cashcade’s older sites close and some other Dragonfish brands. Today though, we’re going to focus on those that are coming soon, the new additions to the world of online bingo.

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Branding Being Lost By Bingo Sites

Saturday, Jan. 13th 2018 7:26 AM

Online Bingo Branding

Branding Being Lost
In Compliance

It wasn’t that long ago that we covered some of the changes that were being made at various bingo sites in an effort to be compliant [read more here]. The UK Gambling Commission had sent a letter to all operators requesting that they remove ads that were ‘likely to appeal particularly to people aged 17 or younger (‘under 18’)’ and, ‘generally available to view (‘freely accessible’).’

Operators complied and we have seen some of the personalities from various bingo sites lost but now we’re seeing Dragonfish sites taking it one step further, and in many cases, stripping the sites bare of any individuality! Site owners have invested substantially in building the branding, only to be told that much of it has to now be removed.

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Advertorials Underfire From ASA

Tuesday, Sep. 26th 2017 7:13 AM

Advertising Standards Authority

Upset ASA

If you haven’t already figured it you, here at Playing Bingo we advertise online bingo sites. We do so by providing our readers details of promotions and various updates on software, new bingo sites and general news from the world of online gaming. In all the years we have been doing this, we have done it with honesty, integrity and first and foremost as players ourselves. Some other advertisers are far less scrupulous as the Advertising Standards Authority recently revealed.

All advertisers are bound by BCAP and CAP codes and face a virtual slap on the wrists if they break the rules. It would seem that some pay no regard to the codes, or have any morals in promoting online gambling.

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888 Fined For Responsible Gambling Error

Thursday, Sep. 7th 2017 7:06 AM

888 Fine

888 £7.8M

A few months ago now I started receiving emails from Security at Cassava telling me my accounts had been closed at a number of different bingo sites on the Dragonfish network. The same happened with all sites powered by the same software. I thought at the time they were doing what had happened with other players, that I was being banned for what they consider to be bonus abuse.

This was not the case, and when I started receiving emails from them requesting bank details, I asked what was going on. It turns out that when I closed my 888 Poker account a few years ago, 888 should have closed all associated accounts.

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Foxy Bingo Luckiest On £200K Jackpot Games

Thursday, Mar. 24th 2016 7:19 AM

§Avid fans of the online bingo game will know that to date we have seen a total of three linked games that each offered an impressive £200K jackpot, the last of which only played at the end of February. What they may not know is that to date, Foxy Bingo is the brand that has produced the most winners from the three games.

That said, the biggest prize won to date on the £200K jackpot games was at Red Bus Bingo on the first of the games back in May 2015. One player landed the coverall prize of £100,000 at that site, the Foxy Bingo wins have totaled slightly more at £115,000 over the three games.

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Easter Bingo Rolls Onto The Scene

Saturday, Mar. 19th 2016 7:23 AM

When it comes to churning out new bingo sitesit tends to be a two horse race between Dragonfish and Cozy Games. We think Dragonfish take the title of ‘Most Time Specific Branding’ whilst Cozy tend to bag the “Tenuous Link To Bingo Branding” title. The latest to roll onto the screen from the former is Easter Bingo, and what great timing!

This year Good Friday falls on 25th, Easter Sunday is 27th and Easter Monday on 28th March – that’s four whole days that Easter Bingo is relevant! But what then? What is is that they operators think the site offers to the end user, you the player, that is enough to keep you coming back for more?

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8 Ball Games Increased Wagering Requirements

Monday, Sep. 28th 2015 12:04 AM
Brown Cow Bingo

Brown Cow Bingo
Latest 8 Ball Site

Over the last couple of days we have been performing a mammoth task here at Playing Bingo, amending each and every bonus page of EVERY brand that uses the 888 / Cassava software to power their bingo games. The reason for this is the recent changes to the bonus rules at all sites under the Cassava hat. Needless to say, this meant visiting every site and checking the Terms and Conditions, something your average bingo player is unlikely to do.

During these checks we noticed something rather interesting, all of the brands that are under the 8 Ball Games hat, the sites that choose not to be advertised by affiliates, all have higher than standard wagering requirements for the bingo bonuses that they give to players!

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Dragonfish Brands Get A New Look

Saturday, Jun. 6th 2015 7:20 AM

Bingo Ballroom is one of the most established Dragonfish networked brands available online and as such, the home page had started to look quite dated. Where other brands appeared to have far more aesthetically pleasing designs, Bingo Ballroom looked like it hadn’t been shown any love for quite some time. Recently that changed, a change that came about when 888 took over the running of the brand (along with Daisy Bingo, Bingo Hearts and their new site TRex Bingo).

The dancing duo who used to adorn the home page have been replaced with a selection of bingo balls in their best bib and tucker. There’s certainly more pizzazz about the landing page at Bingo Ballroom now and it’s definitely more appealing to the end user, the bingo player.

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