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The Jumpman Gaming software was first seen in the world of online bingo with the launch of Quiz Show Bingo in September 2011. This brand was renamed Lights Camera Bingo shortly after launch. The software has a similar feel to that of the 888/Globalcom software but is more colourful and incorporates a social networking aspect with the ability to add your bingo friends as “buddies” as part of the Jumpman Gaming software.

At the moment the Jumpman Gaming software only offers 75 ball patterned games and the traditional English game of 90 ball bingo and the room numbers are limited. However as the 15 Network grows and more brands jump aboard to use the Jumpman Gaming software, the chances are that more options in the bingo game will be created.  At launch the software offered fully interactive live bingo and quizzes but at the moment, neither of these brands offers this aspect of the game.

The software was the idea of “bingo veteran” Dylan Schlosberg who is best known for his involvement with Think Bingo and Herotech.

Currently the Jumpman Gaming software can only be found at the seven brands shown below and all sites are part of the 15 Network. This will no doubt change in the future as more brands decide that they want to offer something different to their customer base.

Online Bingo Sites Using Jumpman Gaming Software

Listed below are the sites that we have featured and reviewed here at Playing Bingo that are using the Jumpman Gaming Bingo software. You can follow the links to read our review of the site, or the visit link to leave Playing Bingo and try the site.

Site Review Visit
Amazing Bingo Amazing Bingo Bonuses Amazing Bingo
Barbados Bingo Barbados Bingo Bonuses Barbados Bingo
Bingo Boutique Bingo Boutique Bonuses Bingo Boutique
Bingo Clubhouse Bingo Clubhouse Review Bingo Clubhouse
Bingo Fling Bingo Fling Review
Bingo Fling
Bite Size Bingo Bite Size Bingo Bonuses Bite Size Bingo
Carlton Bingo Carlton Bingo Bonuses Carlton Bingo
Charming Bingo Charming Bingo Bonuses Charming Bingo
Cheers Bingo Cheers Bingo Review Cheers Bingo
Coffee Break Bingo Coffee Break Bingo Bonuses Coffee Break Bingo
Dove Bingo Dove Bingo Review Dove Bingo
Elf Bingo Elf Bingo Review Elf Bingo
Empire Bingo Empire Bingo Review Empire Bingo
Fever Bingo Fever Bingo Bonuses Fever Bingo
Flog It Bingo Flog It Bingo Review Flog It Bingo
Free Spirit Bingo Free Spirit Bingo Bonuses
Free Spirit Bingo
Lady Love Bingo Lady Love Bingo Bonuses Lady Love Bingo
Lights Camera Bingo Lights Camera Bingo Review Lights Camera Bingo
Lollipop Bingo Lollipop Bingo Review Lollipop Bingo
Lucky Cow Bingo Lucky Cow Bingo Review Lucky Cow Bingo
Lucky Rainbow Bingo Lucky Rainbow Bingo Review Lucky Rainbow Bingo
Lucky Touch Bingo Lucky Touch Bingo Bonuses Lucky Touch Bingo
Lucky Wheel Bingo Lucky Wheel Bingo Bonuses Lucky Wheel Bingo
Money Saver Bingo Money Saver Bingo Review Money Saver Bingo
My Stars Bingo My Stars Bingo Bonuses My Stars Bingo
Rap Chic Bingo Rap Chic Bingo Review Rap Chic Bingo
Rocket Bingo Rocket Bingo Review Rocket Bingo
Scope Bingo Scope Bingo Bonuses Scope Bingo
Showreel Bingo Showreel Bingo Review Showreel Bingo
Smile Bingo Smile Bingo Bonuses
Smile Bingo
Spice Bingo Spice Bingo Review Spice Bingo
The Bingo Party The Bingo Party Review The Bingo Party
Tidy Bingo Tidy Bingo Review Tidy Bingo
Viking Bingo Viking Bingo Review
Viking Bingo
Wallis Bingo Wallis Bingo Review Wallis Bingo
WTG Bingo WTG Bingo Bonuses WTG Bingo
Zingo Bingo Zingo Bingo Review Zingo Bingo



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