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Cozy Games software is used to power all of the sites on the five networks online operated by the Chelbis Company. Of all the different software platforms available this has to be one of the worst available online today. Whilst the layout of the software is pretty standard for what we have come to expect in the world of online bingo game there are a number of features that need addressing in our opinion.

When playing at any site using the Cozy Games software there is no ticket price listed for the next game until a game has ended. This can cause players to overspend quite easily. For example; a player purchases tickets at a cost of 5p each for one game and whilst it is in play decides to buy tickets for the next game presuming tickets are at the same price. Once you have clicked the 'Buy Now' button for the next game the amount of tickets you have selected will be bought, regardless of the cost (if your balance allows). It could be that the next game is at a higher cost than expected but you cannot cancel your purchase. The ticket prices only appear after one game has ended.

Additionally whilst all of the sites on the Cozy Games software offer a free no deposit required welcome bonus there are restrictions on the number of tickets that you can buy as a non-depositing player; just 15 per game with any free tickets automatically allocated to your ticket purchase. Another downfall on Cozy Games software is that the majority of chat hosts do not have English as their first language and this is apparent when you participate in chat.

One redeeming feature is that Cozy Games sites do allow you to play the side games available at their brands using bonus funds although you should note that any winnings derived from bonus play are added into your bonus account rather than your real cash balance.

With high wagering requirements on sites using the Cozy Games software and a high minimum withdrawal amount at all brands, your chances of ever being in a position to withdraw are virtually nil.

All of the sites powered by the Cozy Games software are licensed by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).

Online Bingo Sites Using Cozy Games Software

Listed below are the sites that we have featured and reviewed here at Playing Bingo that are in the Cozy Games Bingo software. You can follow the links to read our review of the site, or the visit link to leave Playing Bingo and try the site.

Site Review Visit
001 Bingo 001 Bingo Bonuses 001 Bingo
Arctic Bingo Arctic Bingo Bonuses Arctic Bingo
Aunty Acid Bingo Aunty Acid Bingo Review Aunty Acid Bingo
Becky's Bingo Becky's Bingo Bonuses Becky's Bingo
Big Bucks Bingo Big Bucks Bingo Review Big Bucks Bingo
Big Heart Bingo Big Heart Bingo Review Big Heart Bingo
Big Love Bingo Big Love Bingo Bonuses Big Love Bingo
Bingo 1 Bingo 1 Review Bingo 1
Bingo Anywhere Bingo Anywhere Review Bingo Anywhere
Bingo Boat Bingo Boat Review Bingo Boat
Bingo Boogie Bingo Boogie Review Bingo Boogie
Bingo Bytes Bingo Bytes Review Bingo Bytes
Harry's Bingo Bingo Chimp Review Bingo Chimp
Bingo Crazy Bingo Crazy Review Bingo Crazy
Bingo Date Bingo Date Bonuses Bingo Date
Bingo Flame Bingo Flame Review Bingo Flame
Bingo G Bingo G Review Bingo G
Bingo Gran Bingo Gran Bonuses Bingo Gran
Bingo Hero Bingo Hero Review Bingo Hero
Bingo Hotpot Bingo Hotpot Review Bingo Hotpot
Bingo Legacy Bingo Legacy Review Bingo Legacy
Bingo Magix Bingo Magix Bonuses Bingo Magix
Bingo Rascals Bingo Rascals Bonuses Bingo Rascals
Bingosphere Bingosphere Bonuses Bingosphere
Biscuit Bingo Biscuit Bingo Review Biscuit Bingo
Bobs Bingo Bobs Bingo Review Bobs Bingo
Booty Bingo Booty Bingo Review Booty Bingo
Bridezilla Bingo Bridezilla Bingo Bonuses Bridezilla Bingo
Bubblegum Bingo Bubblegum Bingo Review Bubblegum Bingo
Buddha Bingo Buddha Bingo Review Buddha Bingo
Budget Bingo Budget Bingo Review Budget Bingo
Buttercup Bingo Buttercup Bingo Review Buttercup Bingo
Car Boot Bingo Car Boot Bingo Review Car Boot Bingo
Champers Bingo Champers Bingo Review Champers Bingo
Comfy Bingo Comfy Bingo Review Comfy Bingo
Dandy Bingo Dandy Bingo Review Dandy Bingo
Dublin People Bingo Dublin People Bingo Bonuses Dublin People Bingo
Eat Sleep Bingo Eat Sleep Bingo Review Eat Sleep Bingo
Epic Bingo Epic Bingo Review Epic Bingo
Fairy Dust Bingo Fairy Dust Bingo Review Fairy Dust Bingo
Game Village Game Village Bingo Review Game Village Bingo
Ghost Bingo Ghost Bingo Bonuses Ghost Bingo
Girly Bingo Girly Bingo Review Girly Bingo
Goldfish Bingo Goldfish Bingo Review Goldfish Bingo
Goldy Bingo Goldy Bingo Bonuses Goldy Bingo
Gone Bingo Gone Bingo Review Gone Bingo
Gravy Train Bingo Gravy Train Bingo Review Gravy Train Bingo
Grimms Bingo Grimms Bingo Review Grimms Bingo
Gumball Bingo Gumball Bingo Bonuses Gumball Bingo
Harry's Bingo Harrys Bingo Review Harrys Bingo
Have A Ball Bingo Have A Ball Bingo Review Have A Ball Bingo
Hippy Bingo Hippy Bingo Bonuses Hippy Bingo
Harry's Bingo Honeybees Bingo Review Honeybees Bingo
House Of Bingo House Of Bingo Review House Of Bingo
Hunnie Bingo Hunnie Bingo Bonuses Hunnie Bingo
Igloo Bingo Igloo Bingo Bonuses Igloo Bingo
Judge Bingo Judge Bingo Bonuses Judge Bingo
Jungle Fever Bingo Jungle Fever Bingo Bonuses Jungle Fever Bingo
Kellys Eye Bingo Kellys Eye Bingo Bonuses Kellys Eye Bingo
Landmark Bingo Landmark Bingo Review Landmark Bingo
Little Miss Bingo Little Miss Bingo Review Little Miss Bingo
LMAO Bingo LMAO Bingo Review LMAO Bingo
Love My Bingo Love My Bingo Review Love My Bingo
Lucky Diner Bingo Lucky Diner Bingo Bonuses Lucky Diner Bingo
Lucky Ladies Bingo Lucky Ladies Bingo Review Lucky Ladies Bingo
Lucky Puppy Bingo Lucky Puppy Bingo Bonuses Lucky Puppy Bingo
Lucky Socks Bingo Lucky Socks Bingo Review Lucky Socks Bingo
Merlin Bingo Merlin Bingo Review Merlin Bingo
Merry Go Bingo Merry Go Bingo Bonuses Merry Go Bingo
Mira Bingo Mira Bingo Review Mira Bingo
More Than Bingo More Than Bingo Bonuses More Than Bingo
Mummies Bingo Mummies Bingo Review Mummies Bingo
Naughty Bingo Naughty Bingo Review Naughty Bingo
Newbies Bingo Newbies Bingo Bonuses Newbies Bingo
New Look Bingo New Look Bingo Review New Look Bingo
Now Bingo Now Bingo Bonuses Now Bingo
Nugget Bingo Nugget Bingo Bonuses Nugget Bingo
Paw Print Bingo Paw Print Bingo Bonuses Paw Print Bingo
Payday Bingo Payday Bingo Review Payday Bingo
Play 2 Win Bingo Play 2 Win Bingo Review Play 2 Win Bingo
Plush Bingo Plush Bingo Bonuses Plush Bingo
Quackpot Bingo Quackpot Bingo Review Quackpot Bingo
ReadySet Bingo Ready Set Bingo Review Ready Set Bingo
Reem Bingo Reem Bingo Review Reem Bingo
Rockin Bingo Rockin Bingo Review Rockin Bingo
Sailor Bingo Sailor Bingo Bonuses Sailor Bingo
Scrummy Bingo Scrummy Bingo Review Scrummy Bingo
Smooth Bingo Smooth Bingo Review Smooth Bingo
Snappy Bingo Snappy Bingo Review Snappy Bingo
Sola Bingo Sola Bingo Review Sola Bingo
The Bingo Queen Spin And Bingo Bonuses Spin And Bingo
Swag Bingo Swag Bingo Bonuses Swag Bingo
Swanky Bingo Swanky Bingo Bonuses Swanky Bingo
Sweet Home Bingo Sweet Home Bingo Bonuses Sweet Home Bingo
Tea Time Bingo Tea Time Bingo Review Tea Time Bingo
The Bingo Queen The Bingo Queen Bonuses The Bingo Queen
Time Bingo Time Bingo Review Time Bingo
Vampire Bingo Vampire Bingo Review Vampire Bingo
Velvet Bingo Velvet Bingo Review Velvet Bingo
Viking Winners Viking Winners Review Viking Winners
Viva La Bingo Viva La Bingo Bonuses Viva La Bingo
Wow Bingo Wow Bingo Review Wow Bingo
WOWingo WOWingo Review WOWingo

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