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Mandalay Media is the name behind the well-known brand, Costa Bingo. Following on from the launch of the inaugural brand in June 2009, several followed in quite quick succession, all with a different theme and each as a standalone offering.

In July 2014 Intertain acquired the Mandalay Media company for an initial payment of £45million with a further cash payment of £15million based on future profits.

However, over time it was noted that as more brands were launched, some of the rooms and jackpots had become linked with little or no transparency for the player. This was more prevalent

It is for this reason we have chosen to split the Mandalay Media / Intertain network page in to two sections. The first section shows the original sites to launch from this company; those that still have individual chat rooms that are hosted by different Chat Hosts.

The second section lists the more recent additions to the world of online bingo from Mandalay Media / Intertain. These have just one chat room per site and the all the rooms available may have different names, but all brands filter into the same games. You’re competing for the prize on offer with players from all other sites under the Mandalay Media / Intertain network.

All sites on this network have three bingo game types currently; 75 ball as pattern and multi line and 90 ball. Each is powered by the 888 / Cassava software and they all have a no deposit required bonus on offer for new players currently.

Online Bingo Sites In The Mandalay Media / Intertain Network

Listed below are the sites and separate networks that we have featured and reviewed here at Playing Bingo that are part of the Mandalay Media / Intertain Network. You can follow the links to read our review of the site, or the visit link to leave Playing Bingo and try the site.

Standalone With Linked Rooms

The sites below are those under the Mandalay Media hat that have just some games and rooms that are linked.

Site Review Visit
City Bingo City Bingo Review City Bingo
Costa Bingo Costa Bingo Review Costa Bingo
Fancy Bingo Fancy Bingo Review Fancy Bingo
Sing Bingo Sing Bingo Review Sing Bingo

Networked Sites

The brands in the list below all share the same chat and games.

Site Review Visit
Angry Bingo Angry Bingo Review Angry Bingo
Bingola Bingola Review Bingola
Crocodile Bingo Crocodile Bingo Bonuses Crocodile Bingo
Deep Sea Bingo Deep Sea Bingo Bonuses Deep Sea Bingo
Dino Bingo Dino Bingo Review Dino Bingo
Farmyard Bingo Farmyard Bingo Review Farmyard Bingo
Frozen Bingo Frozen Bingo Review Frozen Bingo
Giant Bingo Giant Bingo Review Giant Bingo
Kingdom Of Bingo Kingdom Of Bingo Bonuses Kingdom Of Bingo
Monkey Bingo Monkey Bingo Review Monkey Bingo
Real Deal Bingo Real Deal Bingo Bonuses Real Deal Bingo
Rewind Bingo Rewind Bingo Bonuses Rewind Bingo
Rio Bingo Rio Bingo Review Rio Bingo
Season Bingo Season Bingo Bonuses Season Bingo
Sparkly Bingo Sparkly Bingo Review Sparkly Bingo
Sweet Shop Bingo Sweet Shop Bingo Bonuses Sweet Shop Bingo
Treasure Bingo Treasure Bingo Review Treasure Bingo
Wish Bingo Wish Bingo Review Wish Bingo

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