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Zynga Slingo Review - Facebook Bingo

Zynga Slingo

Zynga Slingo first launched its Facebook Bingo app in January 2012 but originally, whilst in Beta testing, only a handful of players were able to login and play. Many Facebook apps are launched in Beta testing but few restrict access to just a select number of players but for Zynga Slingo this option meant any bugs could be ironed out. This ensured that when the game was put on general release to the Facebook playing public, there were few or no bugs to be found.

Zynga Slingo combines slots and bingo to create an impressive game that offers many great features including coins, Power-Ups, Jokes, Flip the Coin and much more besides. From the first time you visit the game you can see a lot of time and effort has been put into the design and functionality of this game.

Zynga Slingo Energy

Energy is what you need in order to play the stages in each world and each day you are credited with a certain amount of Energy. This depends really on how many worlds/stages you have completed in the game and whether you have earned additions to the standard Energy amount given each day. Of course, as with many Facebook games, you can choose to purchase additional Energy to continue play using Facebook credits.

Zynga Slingo Worlds and Stages

There are several different worlds available to play in Zynga Slingo but you have to complete certain stages in order to unlock worlds as you progress through the game. The first World is the Heart of Gold and there are 45 Medals to be collected.

Medals are collected as you complete each of the five requirements of each Stage of the World.

For example, in the Heart of Gold Stage 1 you have to complete the following:

This means you will have collected five Medals by completing all the tasks.

Zynga Slingo Power Ups

There are several types of Power Ups available when playing Zynga Slingo and each costs a different amount of either cash or coins. These are the Power Ups available:

Shamrock – This increases the chances of a Joker coming up in the reels – cost is 40 cash
Coin Toss Zapper – Prevents the Devil from stealing during a Coin Toss* - cost is 1,000 coins
Slingo Vision – On each spin the matched numbers will be highlighted meaning you can click the matches quicker thus increasing your score – cosy is 2,000 coins
Power Up Vision – Reveals the Power Ups and rewards hidden on the grid- cost 20 cash
Taunt – Increases the chances of a Coin Toss* appearing on the reels – cost is 16 cash
Extra Ball – This is only available during the Final Countdown, after you have used all your balls and is used to try and complete the pattern/card – cost is 1,000 per ball

*Coin Toss – when this appears on the reels you have to bet a percentage of your current total in the game on whether and Angel or Devil will appear. Should a Devil appear, you lose but an Angel makes you a winner.

Zynga Slingo Multipliers

On occasion a multiplier will appear in the spins and these will multiple the winner on the very next tile that you match. You can get more than one multiplier in any one spin but they are only used for the very next matched tile and then your coin multiplier returns to the level it was at prior the multipliers appearing on the reels.

Zynga Slingo Jokers

There are three different types of Zynga Slingo jokers.

Friend Joker – these appear randomly on the reels and will show a picture of one of your Facebook friends. This joker has not been sent by your friend, is just happens randomly. This joker can only be used in the reel column in which is appeared.

Joker – this is a plain Joker symbol and like the friend Joker can only be used on the column of which is appears on the reels.

Super Joker  - as the name would suggest, this can be used on any of the single tiles unmarked on the board.

There is so much more to Zynga Bingo, what we have covered is simply the basics but if you want to give the game a try simply click the link below.

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