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Real Bingo

Real Bingo is one of the many Facebook Bingo apps available on the social networking site offering 'play for fun' bingo where you complete challenges and work through the game. At the time of writing this appears to be a popular app with more than 100,000 users and it's really easy to get started.

Starting the Journey at Real Bingo

To get started you just allow the app on your Facebook and you can start playing right away. Like all Facebook games you can play Real Bingo for free or buy credits to speed you through the game. When we log on there are many players online from around the world, all connecting in the chat rooms.

When you first log on you'll see a run down of how to play and the power ups and features that are available in the game. You can play 6 cards at a time, but there's no auto-daub so only buy as many as you can manage to daub yourself.

You'll start at the railway station, buy into the game with your credits and then mark your cards as the numbers are called. Unlike many bingo games you're a winner here if you have two numbers on one line, three numbers on one line, four numbers on one line, a one line win (5 numbers on a line), or a full house. How many players can call on each win depends on the player numbers and changes line by line. If you think you have a winning card, hit the call icon at the right of the ticket to claim the win. Bingo tickets cost 100 credits so playing the full strip is 600 credits.

A Real Adventure

The idea of Real Bingo is to collect power ups and XP and work your way through the locations, we got past the railway station pretty quickly after winning a few games and we were on to Italy. Each country has a different caller, different sounds and different features and as you complete each country you'll receive a trophy you can show off to your friends. As you play you'll see the little mail box in the right hand corner increasing in notifications, these are your rewards for completing each challenge and you must go and collect them to win the coins. To complete each level and get on to the next you'll need to complete four challenges, once these are complete and claimed in the little mail box you can move onto a new country with a new caller and a brand new challenge.

Real Bingo is a bit of Drag

We're onto Italy before we even get a chance to see any of the power ups (We've been playing almost an hour and a half), but they do kick in eventually and offer things such as Double XP, Auto-daubs for several calls and a chance to catch up on any calls you have missed. At the end of each game, all your achievements are added up and you receive points, but we're losing the will to live! There are some brilliant Facebook apps available that are exciting and fun to play, but we're sorry to say that in our opinion, this isn't one of them! Despite all the power ups, collecting of points and XP we can't really work out what's going on. In two hours we don't even get as far as collecting our first achievement, and soon we run out of credits to play leaving us either begging friends for more (none of our friends are actually signed up so we'd have to rope them in to be sent credits and gifts), or spending real money to buy credits.

Just Bingo at Real Bingo

Some Facebook Bingo apps offer side games and instant games where you can win more credits but we can't find anything of this sort at Real Bingo, it seems to be just the bingo game available.

Thoughts on Real Bingo

Overall we thought that Real Bingo was a bit dull, the game is slow, it takes ages to complete each challenge, every card has to be auto-daubed, so it's hard to chat and there just isn't anything exciting about the game. All the promised features like different callers and sounds get old very fast and the game quickly becomes annoying and a chore to play. We're not sure Real Bingo is one we'd head for again!

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