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Lucky Bingo Review - Facebook Bingo

Lucky Bingo

Lucky Bingo, at the time of this review, had just over 300,000 monthly active users and was developed for Facebook by Lucky Labs. The app offers three different bingo games in one; Live Action Bingo, Painfully Slow Bingo and Instant Bingo so whatever your bingo pace, there is a game to suit your needs using this game on the social networking site.

Like all of the apps on Facebook this one is free to play unless you choose to buy Facebook credits and increase your coins balance.

Every day that you play at Lucky Bingo you will earn a daily bonus of coins and these are what are used to purchase your bingo cards. The more coins you have, the more bingo you can play.

At the top of your screen you will see five different tabs, three showing the different versions of the game, the “Get Coins tab where you purchase more coins if you wish and then the “Profile” tab. The latter is where you can see your username, level, coins balance, invite friends and send free gifts.

To play you simply have to choose which version of the Lucky Bingo game you prefer and click the tab.

Live Action Bingo at Lucky Bingo

When you choose Live Action Bingo you have a number of options of rooms from the lobby. You can see the room name, prize for 1st place bingo, price per card, the maximum number of room players allowed and how many players are currently in the room. Simply pick one of the rooms.

In the room you buy cards by clicking the yellow button at the bottom of the screen. To the top left of the screen is the pattern you are playing for and the number of bingo winners that there will be in the game.

Painfully Slow Bingo at Lucky Bingo

This version of the game is different to the Live Action Bingo as you “Check In” for a game. Balls are not called instantly but take hours to appear so these are games designed to keep you coming back to this Facebook bingo app.

Instant Bingo at Lucky Bingo

With this type of game you have to choose your bet size first and this is done by scrolling through your options at the bottom of the screen.

There are nine different patterns that you are playing for and each offers a different prize value dependent on your original bet. When you have decided how much you want to play for you simply click the play button and the game gets underway. You can only win one of the nine patterns and the numbers are marked “instantly” on your card.

For example we placed a 200 coin bet and the patterns we could win on were:

We won on the second pattern and collected 300 coins.

Experience Points (XP) at Lucky Bingo

You earn XP on this Facebook bingo app by winning bingo but it doesn’t seem that XP has any real value other than to increase your player rank.

Power Ups at Lucky Bingo

Power Ups are only available in some of the rooms on this Facebook app and there are different types:

There may be other Power Ups available but as there is no help section or explanation of them in the app, the above details are taken from actually playing Lucky Bingo.

We found the standard bingo game, Live Action Bingo, far too slow and cumbersome for our taste but as online bingo players, we are used to a slightly faster paced game. If that is what you are looking for then the Instant Bingo may be more to your taste but there is no manual marking and the game is over in an “instant”.

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