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Cheeky Bingo Review - Facebook Bingo

Cheeky Bingo

Cheeky Bingo is already a popular online bingo site, and in early 2013 they have launched a Facebook app too. If you play at the online site, don’t be put off the app as it’s a totally different game and a totally different experience.

Cheeky Bingo is easy to start playing, and unlike most online bingo sites there are no details to hand over and no forms to fill in, just click play from the app and you’ll be ready to go.

Cheeky Bingo Credits and Ticket Prices

When you start playing Cheeky Bingo you’ll be issued with credits, spend these credits on the game, earn more when you win, receive free credits daily, or purchase more from the Cheeky Bingo Facebook shop.

Credits are used in various ways and there is both 75-ball bingo and slots available when you get started. Do be aware though, unlike Cheeky Bingo online, this is just credit, no cash and you cannot withdraw anything from the Cheeky Bingo Facebook app

Power Ups at Cheeky Bingo

Power Ups are available to buy in the store but can also be earned during a bingo game. There are several types of Power Ups available to use and these become available when the Power Up wheel to the left of the screen warms up, once you have claimed your Power Up you will have to wait for the bar to cool down again before you can earn the next Power Up

The Power Up types currently available are:

Double XP – only activates if a bingo is scored and does what the name implies, doubles your XP.

Double Payout – again, only activated if at least one bingo is scored and doubles the payout for the game.

Instant Bingo - this puts a shamrock on each of your bingo cards on one random number and if that number is called you get an instant bingo by dabbing the square.

Free Spins – will cover one square on each bingo ticket with a free spin square, land on this square to claim your free spins.

Single Daub – one number on each of your bingo cards will be marked at random.

You can purchase extra Power-Up packs in the Cheeky Bingo store using your coins.

Cheeky Bingo XP

The XP available at Cheeky Bingo are experience points and the more you play, the more that are earned. The XP is used to level up and certain rooms require that you have a certain XP level in order to be able to play in them. As you gain XP more bingo rooms will open and you will progress further through the game

Cheeky Bingo Rooms

As we have already said, Cheeky Bingo offers a number of rooms and at the time of the review here is just a few examples of what is available:


You’ll start here but won’t be able to move onto other rooms until you have earned enough XP


Earn enough XP and the Park will open, the same 75 ball bingo and there isn’t all that much difference between the bingo rooms

In total there are currently 10 bingo rooms at Cheeky Bingo Facebook and you need to work through them all, unlocking them one by one

Slots at Cheeky Bingo

Like all good bingo games on Cheeky Bingo offers a slot game. Coins are used to spin the three-reel slot machine that has 9 pay lines. Spins soon eat into your credits, but look for the free spins Power Up when you’re playing bingo

There is quite a bit more to Cheeky Bingo than what we have covered in this Facebook bingo review, it’s one of those games that keeps on giving with new features and rooms being added all of the time. For bingo fans, this is one free game on Facebook well worth trying out and we think players will love it.

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