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Bingo Island Review - Facebook Bingo

Bingo Island

Bingo Island was created and developed for Facebook by Mytopia and 888 are behind this social networking game which would explain why there is a pay to play Dragonfish networked brand called Bingo Island. The app is popular amongst players on Facebook because it offers a number of player attributes to succeed when playing; popularity (the more friends you have, the more gifts you can receive), generosity, skill and luck.

The graphics of Bingo Island are great with, as you might expect, a tropical island theme although when in a room the game notifications between players can soon become annoying. Whilst in the room you can play slots as well and spinning the reels costs Pearls but also increases your Skill level.

Bingo Island Pearls

Pearls are the currency with which you buy bingo cards on the island. Each day you play a bonus game to reveal a symbol from the games parrot, each symbol boasts a different pearl value. Like many Facebook bingo games you are able to buy extra pearls using Facebook credits or you can earn more by participating in surveys, signing up for products or installing apps.

Bingo Island Lobby

From the lobby you can see the rooms available to you with details of the number of players in each room, the card prices, the speed of the games (fast/normal), the pattern, the prize on offer and if auto daub or manual daub is available. If you prefer to play lots of cards then the auto daub rooms (these have the cogs showing next to the prize amounts in the lobby) are for you but you do not earn skill or popularity for numbers marked on your card in these rooms.  You have the option to hide full or locked rooms.

Simply choose a room and you are ready to play Bingo Island.

Bingo Island Rooms

In each room you have the option of purchasing between 1 and 12 cards. The cost per card varies from room to room but this is shown in the lobby. Playing 12 cards in a manual room can prove to be a little tricky as only three cards show on your main screen.

As you mark numbers off on your tickets a progress bar shows at the top of the screen and if it fills up you will be awarded skill and popularity.

Bingo Island Levels

There are several different skill levels – 70 at last count – and each requires that you reach a certain amount of skill, generosity, popularity and luck before you can be promoted to the next level.

Bingo Island Skill, Popularity, Generosity and Luck

Skill is gained in the games at Bingo Island when you purchase tickets for games and if you do well, then you earn more skill.  Skill can be earned quickly by playing the slot game available but you will have to spend quite a few Pearls.

Your popularity, generosity and luck are measured by the amount of gifts you send and receive and these all cost Pearls. By visiting the shop you can sea all of the gifts available to purchase and at the bottom of the screen, when you click a gift it will show you the value of skill, luck, generosity or popularity by purchasing.

Bingo Island has plenty to offer you when it comes to interaction and game play with many different options available, it’s free and it’s fun, what more could you want?

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