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Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz has to be one, if not the, most popular Facebook bingo app available on the social networking site today. There are literally hundreds of players in the rooms that are available and new rooms are added frequently. What makes Bingo Blitz work well is that players compete to collect items in each room (city) and can level up by collecting XP as well as earning more free credits daily by expanding their teams.

Bingo Blitz is easy to use and the graphics are pretty impressive. Each room has a different sounding bingo caller, usually one that has an accent from the country of the room name, and each offer a maximum of four tickets per game.

Bingo Blitz Credits and Ticket Prices

Free credits are issued daily to the Bingo Blitz player but these vary dependent on the number of players you have in your team. The base daily credits are 17 and then you earn more as you complete collections (51 is a maximum allowance) and a Team Mate credit bonus to a maximum of 25 credits is also available. Additionally you can take a “Coin Quest” spin every day that you play at Bingo Blitz and this can reveal credits, coins and power ups as rewards for matching symbols on the three reels.

Credits are used in a number of ways but the most important is for purchasing your bingo tickets in the rooms. Ticket prices vary from room to room but as the cost per ticket increases so do the prizes on offer. Credits can also be used to buy more coins at an exchange rate of one credit for 100 coins.

Power Ups at Bingo Blitz

Power Ups are available to buy in the store but can also be earned during a bingo game. There are several types of Power Ups available to use and these become available when the Power Up bar above the bingo callboard is lit up. Once a Power Up is used then the bar needs to cool down before another can be “powered up” for use.

The Power Up types currently available are:

Double XP – only activates if a bingo is scored and does what the name implies, doubles your XP.

Double Payout – again, only activated if at least one bingo is scored and doubles the payout for the game.

Instant Win - this puts a star on each of your bingo cards on one random number and if that number is called you get an instant bingo by dabbing the square.

Treasure Square* – getting this Power Up will add extra Treasure Chests randomly to your bingo cards.

Single Daub – one number on each of your bingo cards will be marked at random.

Double Daub – two numbers on each of your bingo cards will be marked at random.

Coin Square** – extra coin squares will be added to your bingo cards at random.

You can purchase extra Power-Up packs in the Bingo Blitz store using your coins.

*Treasure Squares are added to all bingo cards at the beginning of each game and by marking the bingo number that the Treasure Square appears on you will accumulate them throughout the game. At the end of each game the treasure chests will open to reveal their bounty that can be coins, credits, Power Ups and even collection items.

**Coin Squares are added to all bingo cards at the start of every game and by marking the bingo number on which a coin square is available you will collect coins that are added to your total.

Bingo Blitz XP

The XP available at Bingo Blitz are experience points and the more you play, the more that are earned. The XP is used to level up and certain rooms require that you have a certain XP level in order to be able to play in them.

Bingo Blitz Rooms

As we have already said, Bingo Blitz offers a number of rooms and at the time of the review here is just a few examples of what is available:


This room has a cost per ticket of 1 credit. Payouts for bingo are 1 XP, 1 – 12 credits dependent on when you call bingo and 50-200 coins. There are now power-ups used in this room. Bingo patterns are five in a row or four-corner bingo.

New York

Tickets cost 1 credit in the New York room and the payouts for bingo are 1XP, 1-24 credits and 50-400 coins. Bingo patterns are five in a row or four-corner bingo.


Tickets cost 8 credits each in the Jamaica room and the payouts for bingo are 15 XP, 8-192 credits and 300-3000 coins, Bingo patterns are five in a row or four-corner bingo.

In total there are currently 14 city rooms and then you have Plano and the Blackout rooms also. In addition you can also play slots and tournaments.

Pets Blitz Slots at Bingo Blitz

Like all good bingo games on like Bingo Blitz offers a slot game called Pets Blitz Slots. Coins are used to spin the five-reel slot machine that has 20 pay lines and you also need to collect items playing on the slot games to complete your collection. Five symbols on pay line reels and you will collect the item.

Tournament Room at Bingo Blitz

In the tournament room at Bingo Blitz you are competing against all players who have chosen to participate. There are five bingo rounds, all of which are free to enter (no credits needed to play in the tournament) and you are competing to score the highest overall in the tournament for the day. The following day you will be awarded any prize you may have won based on your placement in the overall tournament. You do have the option to play a further five rounds in the tournament but this will cost you 20 Facebook Credits (not to be confused with credits used in Bingo Blitz).

There is quite a bit more to Bingo Blitz than what we have covered in this Facebook bingo review, it’s one of those games that keeps on giving with new features and rooms being added all of the time. For bingo fans, this is one free game on Facebook well worth trying out in our opinion.

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