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Bingo Bash

Bingo apps are becoming increasingly popular on Facebook and so today, we took a look at the Bingo Bash app to see how it fared against other apps, and against the online game. It turns out that Bingo Bash is incredibly popular and there are hundreds of players online, like many Facebook games the app requires you to work through the levels, collecting rewards and XP as you go.

As soon as you allow the app, you’ll be taking through a step-by-step process showing you how to play. You must auto-daub, and as you do so, you will earn coins and XP, helping you through the levels of the game.

Bingo Bash Credits and Ticket Prices

As soon as you sign up to Bingo Bash, you’ll receive some free credits to get you started and you can earn more by inviting friends, signing up to some of their sponsor offers, or simply playing the game and collecting gems and coins.

You can use your Bingo Bash credits to purchase tickets for each game at the price of 1B each and then during each game look out for special bonuses, free squares and extra XP as you play.

Power Ups at Bingo Bash

Power Ups can be purchased in the store at Bingo Bash, and you can use your Facebook credits to purchase them in the store. However, when you purchase your tickets, you will see at the start of the game that gems and coins will land on some squares and you can earn these during the game. Also, pay attention to the Powerplays box on the top left of the screen, as you will see power ups climb and then flash to be claimed in there.

The Power Up types currently available are:

Free cells: Claim this Power up and it will cover a number in your bingo cards, giving you a free square.

Instant Bingo: Instant win will cover one square on your ticket, if the caller calls this number, you’ll receive an instant win.

Money Bonanza: Get the Money Bonanza Power up and win the game and you’ll receive double payout.

Gem Cell: Receive a Gem Cell bonus, and see a gen land on your ticket to be claimed.

Chip Cell: Wins you free bingo games if you land on the Chip Cell square.

Money Cell: Money Cells, as you might expect gives you bingo coins.

You’ll see before you play that gems and coins are also added to each bingo ticket, and with the Power ups it means non-stop action while you play.

Bingo Bash XP

XP stands for experience in Facebook games terms, and so that means the more you play, the more XP you will receive. As you reach each XP target you will be taken up to the next level and another bingo room will be unlocked to you.

Bingo Bash Rooms

As mentioned, you need to work your way through the bingo rooms when you play at Bingo Bash, so when you start there will be just one room available, as you earn XP you will unlock more rooms.

Wonder Rooms:

This is the bingo room you will begin in, you can purchase up to four tickets, being the first bingo room you may find it’s very busy and the Egyptian music is a little annoying after a while; tickets in here cost 1B.

Palm Island
Named after the Palm Island in Dubai, this room will be the second to open, again you can purchase up to four cards for each game, and bingo tickets in this room cost 2B.

From here you will go through all the Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Colosseum and the Great Wall of China as you earn more XP. As you work through the rooms, the price of tickets increases, but will less players on the higher levels, the chances to win should increase.

Featured Rooms:

Elemental is the first of the featured rooms at Bingo Bash and unlike the Wonder Rooms, these rooms plays coverall bingo. Like the starting room in the Wonder Rooms, tickets are 1B each.

The Eagle room will be the second to open as you collect enough XP to progress through the game. Bingo tickets in here cost 2B.

From here the Santa V Grouch, Thanksgiving, Springo, Summer Games, Rolling Blackouts, Bingo dash, 30-ball blackout, Speed Bingo, Stamp It and Witch’s Spell rooms will open as you collect XP and unlock the levels.

Tournament Room at Bingo Bash

The tournament room at Bingo Bash opens after five levels and once open, you will see the tournament square on the left of the lobby light up. The tournaments are four games long and each day there is a different pattern to play for. As you play through the tournament you will receive a tournament score made up of all the gems, coins and wins you receive throughout the tournament. How well you do in the tournament will depend how many credits you receive, but the tournaments are busy with hundreds of players online.

If you like playing games on Facebook, then you’re likely to love Bingo Bash and there is so much more to the game than we have covered here. As you play through the levels you will unlock all sorts of treats, bonuses and credits and while Bingo Bash may not satisfy fans of cash bingo, it’s a lot of fun to play on Facebook.

Once you get to the actual game, the graphics are fairly impressive, if not at the standard of big bingo sites. You can buy up to 4 tickets for each game, and you will receive a lump of free credits to get you started. The caller is pleasant, but some of the sound effects and music are a little grating. Unfortunately you can’t turn the volume down as you need to hear the caller so this may be something you just have to live with.

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