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3am Social Bingo Review - Facebook Bingo

3am Social Bingo

3am Social Bingo launched into the social networking world on 11th July 2012, just 20 days before the pay to play brand 3am Bingo closed it's doors and diverted its members to Mirror Bingo. The link is apparent the moment you use the app for the first time with an abundance of banners and links directing players to "play for real" at Mirror Bingo.The app was created by GameShaper/Enteraction Ltd, a company behind the Bingo Garden Facebook app too. Billed as being the place to "Climb the fame ladder by winning bingo in celebrity haunts and get recognised by the high and mighty A-list celebs!" at the time of the review, just over three weeks after release, only a small number of people were using the app. However as it was still in its infancy at the time of the review, player numbers could well have increased.

Like many Facebook Bingo apps 3am Social Bingo has a story;

You are a small-town down to earth kind of person, who lives in awe of the bright lights of Mirror City and the pavements lined with gold! You have decided the time is now; the time has come for you to hurl yourself into the mix and finally get your slice of the fame-pie!

The aim of the game is to work your way up the ranks to celebrity stardom and you can achieve this by playing bingo, showing up to special events and VIP venues and with each win on the game you have the chance to encounter a celebrity at random which will increase your own "stardom".

3am Social Bingo Coins

Coins at 3am Social Bingo are the currency used to purchase bingo tickets for the games. Each room on the Facebook app is shown in the lobby and the cost per card is indicated here. New coins are offered daily when you login but you start with 500 as a new player. Card prices vary and a maximum of 36 can be purchased per game. The more you buy, the more chances you have of having an encounter with one of the virtual celebrities.

Every day that you play you get to answer more phones on the Daily Bonus screen. On day one you can answer one phone, day two, two phones and so on.

3am Social Bingo Acheivements

In the My Pad section of the app you can see the tasks you have to complete to finish achievements. For example:

There are numerous other achievements available, the above are just an example.

3am Social Bingo Levels

To increase your levels at 3am Social Bingo you have to increase your Fame, Popularity and Generosity.

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