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There are plenty of above board and trustworthy online bingo sites, but unfortunately there's also quite a few that are not what we would describe as fair. The complaints can be seen around the web on bingo and casino forums, the most common being unfair small print (they know most people don't read terms and conditions properly), and withdrawal problems. We think some of their practices are completely out of order, bad for players, and bad for online bingo as a whole.

We've created this section as a guide to assist players in the initial stages of the pursuit of a dispute. This includes exactly how to start with a complaint, and where your first port of call should be if you need to seek redress. There is no single online bingo ombudsman, however we do have contact details for the major regulatory bodies that oversee the licensing of bingo throughout the European Union and further afield.

The pages listed below contain valuable information that should help you build your case, and refer it to the correct body. We don't like the way that players can be taken advantage of and suggest all online bingo sites bring their Ts and Cs in line with that of the UK's land based bingo halls.

In The Complaints Section

If this page is your first port of call in seeking advice as to how to proceed with your complaint we suggest you start with the first article to get you going.

  • How To Complain - This guide advises players with problems on the steps to take to initiate a complaint, including what evidence you should gather to support your complaint and how you should handle your dealings regarding to the complaint. Visit
  • Where To Complain - Just because you are playing bingo online in the UK doesn't mean that the site you're playing on is licensed in the UK. This guide provides details of bodies for you to approach to make a complaint. Visit

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