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If you have a complaint to make about your online bingo provider, then there is scant information out there as to how to proceed. In light of this, we have put together a guide to help you proceed with your complaint, containing both advice on how to interact with your vendor, and what information you should be keeping to support your case.

Dealing with a bingo site to achieve resolution can be difficult, and sometimes borderline impossible. Some sites will quite simply ban what they perceive to be 'awkward players', and will not bother to answer emails, and make the process of seeking redress so difficult that it will in some cases put the player off from taking the complaint forward.

Other sites will simply refer a complainant to the terms and conditions, which usually cover all the site's unfairness, albeit due to what may be basically unfair, and in some cases borderline unethical disclaimers and/or conditions.

But, don't be put off, if you think that you have been treated unfairly don't let them get away with it. If you proceed, you will be doing the right thing for both yourself and other players. You may not win, but it's better to try and kick up a fuss than to let them get away with it. The guide below outlines the steps that you should take, and hopefully they will put you in a stronger position that is more likely to have a positive outcome.

These steps are designed to enable you to deal efficiently with the bingo site, or failing that the regulatory body that oversees the licensing of the bingo operator. If you don't know which entity regulates your bingo operator, then find out where they are registered (either on the footer of the bingo site's homepage, or in their 'T and Cs'), and visit our 'Where To Complain' page.

Initial Stages Of The Complaint - Action

Know The Terms And Conditions

Yes, we know they can be both dense and boring, but it's very much worth familiarising yourself with a site's terms and conditions. It will both warn you should there be any potential issues ahead, and give you a framework to address any problems that might arise. If you can't face reading the whole thing, at least read the bits on withdrawals and bonus wagering requirements. The majority of the problems players have are directly related to those 2 areas.

Gather Evidence

Gather evidence concerning your complaint. If your problem is due to a technical problem on the side of the bingo site ensure that you have the time and date noted, as well as all other descriptive details, including the Game ID, which should be somewhere on the screen. If you can, take a picture of the problem by capturing a screen shot, or even taking a photograph of any evidence that you gather to support your complaint can only help with your case.

Communication With The Bingo Operator

Although you may be feeling a bit irate, please remember that the people that you will communicating with at the bingo site (including chat moderators) are only doing their job. Please be polite with them, as it will be even more difficult to sort out your problem if the site has banned you due to impolite behaviour (no matter how justified it is).

Keeping Records

Keep a complaint history, including all dealings that you have with the bingo company. Keep all emails and chat logs, and in the case of live chat, take a screen shot (if you don't know how to do this ask a friend, or even take a photo of the screen). Be detailed, take note of the times of all instances of communication, as the company will be able to refer to their own records, which may help with the complaint.

Moving Forward With Your Complaint

Where To Address Your Complaint

You could go through the Chat Moderator in the first instance, or go straight to the telephone. If you do try via chat, you may find that the moderators are quite simply too busy to give your complaint the attention it deserves, also, chat communication can sometimes be misleading simply down to the nature of typing short answers.

You can also write to the company, and it would be a very poor outfit that bins a written complaint, as they are generally taken a lot more seriously across all industries. A typed letter is also a sign of the seriousness of your intent and is more likely to make the recipient think that you might be someone to be reckoned with. If you are unsure of your written abilities ask someone for help, or at the very least get someone to read your letter over to make sure that your complaint and the details are clear.

Make sure that you do have ground to stand on. Read the terms and conditions fully, and ensure that you understand them. If your problem is not covered in the conditions carry on, but if it is covered by a nefarious clause that you have unwittingly agreed to then unfortunately you may not have a leg to stand on. Although this may appear unfair as most people don't go over the Ts and Cs with a fine tooth comb, unfortunately you will probably have no secure grounds for seeking redress. (Having said that, if you think the terms may be completely out of order, then you should notify the regulatory body, as it may be something that they also deem to be potentially illegal, or at least unethical - nothing ventured noting gained).

There are other points of contact on the net that may be of assistance, or at least you can publicise your gripe and discuss it with other disgruntled players. Try the Bingo Players Union or Casinomeister, both of which provide a forum for such issues. By doing this you will also be making other players aware of problems with certain sites, and at the very least you may be contributing towards ensuring that other players don't fall foul of bad practices.

If you do not receive satisfaction with the bingo operator, then it's time to take things further. We would advise contacting the UK Gambling Commission first. They may not be able to help you, but, at least they may be in a position to direct you on how to proceed. If you bingo company is not UK licensed, then they will not be able to act on your behalf.

If you bingo operator is licensed outside off the UK, the you will need to contact an overseas body. If this is the case, please refer to our Where To Complain page for further details. This page gives information on how to locate the region of your bingo operator, and addresses of the regulatory body to approach for that region.

Lastly, we do wish you success with your complaint, as the bad companies out there are not just a problem for the players, but for the industry as a whole. Good luck.

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