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Welcome to our Bingo Bonuses And Deposit Promo Codes section at Playing Bingo. You'll find information on the various bonuses available at the UK's most popular bingo sites. Find out how much no-deposit required and match bonus is available when you sign up.

This page is the B index page, and features all sites listed that begin with the letter B. You can click through on the table below to read the info for the sites listed, or use the alphabetical list go to the main index and look at sites that begin with a different letter.

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Bingo Bonuses For Sites The Begin With The Letter B

Check below to find a site. If there's one missing you'd like us to add, or if our details are incorrect, you can contact us here to let us know. All details were correct at time of publication, but liable to change from the operator.

Bingo Sites B
Site Name No-Deposit Bonus 1st Deposit Bonus Site Info Links
BBQ Bingo Free Room 300% match
(200% bingo
100% games)
BBQ Bingo bonus details.
BBQ Bingo review.
Visit BBQ Bingo's site.
Beacon Bingo N/A 300% match
(200% bingo
100% games)
Beacon Bingo bonus details.
Beacon Bingo review.
• UK Compliant.
Beatle Bingo Free Room 300% match
(150% bingo
150% games)
Beatle Bingo bonus details.
Beatle Bingo review.
Visit Beatle Bingo's site.
Becky's Bingo N/A 400% match Becky's Bingo bonus details.
• Becky's Bingo review.
Visit Becky's Bingo site.
Betfair Bingo N/A 500% match
Betfair Bingo bonus details.
Betfair Bingo review.
Visit Betfair Bingo's site.
BetFred Bingo N/A 400% match
BetFred Bingo bonus details.
BetFred Bingo review.
Visit BetFred Bingo's site.
Betway Bingo N/A 300% match Betway Bingo bonus details.
Betway Bingo review.
Visit Betway Bingo's site.
bgo Bingo N/A Up to 500 Candy Club Points bgo Bingo bonus details.
bgo Bingo review.
Visit bgo Bingo's site.
Bid Bingo Free Room 100% match
+ 25 spins
Bid Bingo bonus details.
• Bid Bingo review.
Visit Bid Bingo's site.
Big Bucks Bingo Newbie Room 300% match Big Bucks Bingo bonus details.
Big Bucks Bingo review.
Visit Big Bucks Bingo's site.
Big Heart Bingo Newbie Room 300% match Big Heart Bingo bonus details.
Big Heart Bingo review.
Visit Big Heart Bingo's site.
Big Love Bingo N/A 300% match Big Love Bingo bonus details.
• Big Love Bingo review.
Visit Big Love Bingo's site.
Big Tease Bingo Free Room
500% match Big Tease Bingo bonus details.
• Big Tease Bingo review.
Visit Big Tease Bingo's site.
Biggest Bingo Free Room 100% match Biggest Bingo bonus details.
Biggest Bingo review.
Visit Biggest Bingo's site.
Bingo 1 N/A 100% match
20 spins
Bingo 1 bonus details.
Bingo 1 review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo 3x Free Room 200% match Bingo 3x bonus details.
Bingo 3x review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo 4 Her Free Room 250% match Bingo 4 Her bonus details.
Bingo 4 Her review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo 52 Free Room 400% match Bingo 52 bonus details.
• Bingo 52 review.
Visit Bingo 52's site.
Bingo.Com Free Room 200% match Bingo.Com bonus details.
Bingo.Com review.
Visit Bingo.Com's site.
Bingo And Beyond Free Room 100% match
(£20+ deposit
20 free spins)
Bingo And Beyond bonus details.
• Bingo And Beyond review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Anywhere Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Anywhere bonus details.
Bingo Anywhere review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Ballroom Free Room 300% match
200% bingo
100% games
Bingo Ballroom bonus details.
Bingo Ballroom review.
Visit Bingo BallRoom's site.
Bingo Besties Free Room £70 bingo tickets
10 spins
Bingo Besties bonus details.
• Bingo Besties review.
Visit Bingo BallRoom's site.
Bingo Boat Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Boat bonus details.
Bingo Boat review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Bonus Free Room 100% match
+ 50 free spins
Bingo Bonus bonus details.
Bingo Bonus review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Boogie N/A 400% match Bingo Boogie bonus details.
Bingo Boogie review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Boudoir Free Room 100% match Bingo Boudoir bonus details.
Bingo Boudoir review.
Visit Bingo Boudoir's site.
Bingo Boutique N/A Mega Wheel Bingo Boutique bonus details.
• Bingo Boutique review.
Visit Bingo Boutique's site.
Bingo Bytes Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Bytes bonus details.
Bingo Bytes review.
Visit Bingo Bytes's site.
Bingo Calling Free Room 150% match Bingo Calling bonus details.
Bingo Calling review.
Visit Bingo Calling's site.
Bingo Chimp Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Chimp bonus details.
Bingo Chimp review.
Visit Bingo Chimp's site.
Bingo Clubhouse N/A Mega Wheel Bingo Clubhouse bonus details.
Bingo Clubhouse review.
Visit Bingo Clubhouse's site.
Bingo Cove Free Room 400% match
200 bingo +
200% games
Bingo Cove bonus details.
Bingo Cove review.
Visit Bingo Cove's site.
Bingo Crazy Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Crazy bonus details.
Bingo Crazy review.
Visit Bingo Crazy's site.
Bingo Date Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Date bonus details.
• Bingo Date review.
Visit Bingo Date's site.
Bingo Diamond N/A
200% match Bingo Diamond bonus details.
Bingo Diamond review.
Visit Bingo Diamond's site.
Bingo Diaries N/A Up to 500
Free Spins
Bingo Diaries bonus details.
Bingo Diaries review.
Visit Bingo Diaries's site.
Bingo Dome Free Room 100% match Bingo Dome bonus details.
Bingo Dome review.
Visit Bingo Dome's site.
Bingo With Kerry N/A £30 bingo bonus Bingo Enchanted bonus details.
• Bingo Enchanted review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo Extra N/A
400% bingo
100% slots
Bingo Extra bonus details.
Bingo Extra review.
Visit Bingo Extra's site.
Bingo Fabulous Free Room 200% match +
Extra £5 Free
Bingo Fabulous bonus details.
Bingo Fabulous review.
Visit Bingo Fabulous's site.
Bingo Flame Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Flame bonus details.
Bingo Flame review.
Visit Bingo Flame's site.
Bingo Fling N/A Up to 500
Free Spins
Bingo Fling bonus details.
Bingo Fling review.
Visit Bingo Fling's site.
Bingo Flirt Free Room 100% match
+ 50 spins
Bingo Flirt bonus details.
Bingo Flirt review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo Funland Free Room 200% match Bingo Funland bonus details.
Bingo Funland review.
Visit Bingo Funland's site.
Bingo G Newbie Room 300% match Bingo G bonus details.
Bingo G review.
Visit Bingo G's site.
Bingo Giving N/A 200% match
+ 50 spins
Bingo Giving bonus details.
Bingo Giving review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo Godz N/A 100% match Bingo Godz bonus details.
• Bingo Godz review.
Visit Bingo Godz's site.
Bingo Gran Newbie Bingo 100% match
+ 20 spins
Bingo Gran bonus details.
• Bingo Gran review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo Hearts Free Room 300% match Bingo Hearts bonus details.
Bingo Hearts review.
Visit Bingo Hearts's site.
Bingo Hero Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Hero bonus details.
Bingo Hero review.
Visit Bingo Hero's site.
Bingo Hollywood Free Room 500% match Bingo Hollywood bonus details.
Bingo Hollywood review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Hombre N/A Mega Wheel Bingo Hombre bonus details.
Bingo Hombre review.
Visit Bingo Hombre's site.
Bingo Hotpot Newbie Room 300% match Bingo Hotpot bonus details.
Bingo Hotpot review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo In The Sun Free Room 150% match Bingo In The Sun bonus details.
Bingo In The Sun review.
Visit Bingo In The Sun's site.
Bingo Ireland Free Room 100% match Bingo Ireland bonus details.
Bingo Ireland review.
Visit Bingo Ireland's site.
Bingo Jetset Free Room 100% match Bingo Jetset bonus details.
Bingo Jetset review.
Visit Bingo Jetset's site.
Bingo Legacy Newbie Bingo 100% match
+ 20 spins
Bingo Legacy bonus details.
Bingo Legacy review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Loft Newbie Room
200% match
Bingo Loft bonus details.
• Bingo Loft review.
Visit Bingo Loft's site.
Bingo Loopy N/A 100% match Bingo Loopy bonus details.
• Bingo Loopy review.
Visit Bingo Loopy's site.
Bingo Lottery Free Room 100% match Bingo Lottery bonus details.
Bingo Lottery review.
Visit Bingo Lottery's site.
Bingo Magix N/A 400% match Bingo Magix bonus details.
• Bingo Magix review.
Visit Bingo Magix's site.
Bingo Me Happy Free Room 100% match
+ 50 spins
Bingo Me Happy bonus details.
Bingo Me Happy review.
• UK Compliant .
Bingo Millionaire Free Room 500% match Bingo Millionaire bonus details.
• Bingo Millionaire review.
Visit Bingo Millionaire's site.
Bingo Minions N/A Mega Wheel Bingo Minions bonus details.
• Bingo Minions review.
Visit Bingo Minions's site.
Bingo On The Box N/A 300% match Bingo On The Box bonus details.
Bingo On The Box review.
Visit Bingo On The Box's site.
Bingo Please Free Room 100% match +
50 spins
Bingo Please bonus details.
Bingo Please review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo Rascals Newbie Bingo 100% match
+ 20 spins
Bingo Rascals bonus details.
• Bingo Rascals review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo Scotland N/A 200% match Bingo Scotland bonus details.
Bingo Scotland review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo Stars £1.00 100% match Bingo Stars bonus details.
• Bingo Stars review.
Visit Bingo Stars site.
Bingo Street N/A 200% match Bingo Street bonus details.
Bingo Street review.
Visit Bingo Street's site.
Bingo VIP Club Newbie Room 300% match Bingo VIP Club bonus details.
Bingo VIP Club review.
Visit Bingo VIP Club's site.
Bingo Wags Free Room Deposit £40 get £88 bonus Bingo Wags bonus details.
Bingo Wags review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingo With Kerry N/A Variable Bingo With Kerry bonus details.
• Bingo With Kerry review.
• UK Compliant
Bingo Yard Free Room 100% match Bingo Yard bonus details.
Bingo Yard review.
Visit Bingo Yard's site.
Bingo Zino Free Room 100% match
+ 25 spins
Bingo Zino bonus details.
Bingo Zino review.
Visit Bingo Zino's site.
Bingo Cams N/A 300% match
+ 25 spins
Bingo Cams bonus details.
Bingo Cams review.
Visit Bingo Cams' site.
Bingolicious Free Room 150% match Bingolicious bonus details.
Bingolicious review.
• UK Compliant.
Bingonanza £10.00 200% match Bingonanza bonus details.
Bingonanza review.
• UK Compliant
Bingorella Free Room 100% match +
Free Spins
Bingorella bonus details.
Bingorella review.
Visit Bingorella's site.
BingoRoo Free Room 400% match BingoRoo bonus details.
• BingoRoo review.
Visit BingoRoo's site.
Bingos N/A 100% match Bingos bonus details.
• Bingos review.
Visit Bingos site.
Bingosphere Newbie Room 300% match Bingosphere bonus details.
• Bingosphere review.
• UK Compliant
Biscuit Bingo Newbie Room 300% match Biscuit Bingo bonus details.
Biscuit Bingo review.
• UK Compliant.
Blighty Bingo N/A 70 free cards
10 free spins
Blighty Bingo bonus details.
• Blighty Bingo review.
Visit Blighty Bingo's site.
Bobs Bingo Newbie Room 300% match Bobs Bingo bonus details.
Bobs Bingo review.
• UK Compliant.
Bogof Bingo N/A 100% match +
50 spins
Bogof Bingo bonus details.
Bogof Bingo review.
Visit Bogof Bingo's site.
Booty Bingo Newbie Bingo 100% match
+ 20 spins
Booty Bingo bonus details.
Booty Bingo review.
Visit Booty Bingo's site.
Boyle Bingo N/A 300% match Boyle Bingo bonus details.
Boyle Bingo review.
Visit Boyle Bingo's site.
Bridezilla Bingo Newbie Room 300% match Bridezilla Bingo bonus details.
• Bridezilla Bingo review.
Visit Bridezilla Bingo's site.
Bright Bingo £2.00 300% match Bright Bingo bonus details.
Bright Bingo review.
Visit Bright Bingo's site.
Bringo Bingo Free Rooms 300% match Bringo Bingo bonus details.
• Bringo Bingo review.
Visit Bringo Bingo's site.
Brits Bingo Free Room 150% match Brits Bingo bonus details.
Brits Bingo review.
Visit Brits Bingo's site.
Brown Cow Bingo N/A Variable on deposit amount Brown Cow Bingo bonus details.
• Brown Cow Bingo review.
• UK Compliant.
Bubble Bonus Bingo Free Room 200% match Bubble Bonus Bingo bonus details.
Bubble Bonus Bingo review.
Visit Bubble Bonus Bingo's site.
Bubblegum Bingo Newbie Bingo 100% match
+ 20 spins
Bubblegum Bingo bonus details.
Bubblegum Bingo review.
• UK Compliant
Bucky Bingo N/A 100% match +
50 spins
Bucky Bingo bonus details.
Bucky Bingo review.
Visit Bucky Bingo's site.
Buddha Bingo Newbie Bingo 100% match
+ 20 spins
Buddha Bingo bonus details.
Buddha Bingo review.
• UK Compliant
Budget Bingo Newbie Room 300% match Budget Bingo bonus details.
Budget Bingo review.
Visit Budget Bingo's site.
Bumble Bingo Free Room 200% bingo +
50 free spins
Bumble Bingo bonus details.
• Bumble Bingo review.
• UK Compliant.
Butlers Bingo N/A 250% match Butlers Bingo bonus details.
Butlers Bingo review.
Visit Butlers Bingo's site.
Buttercup Bingo £15.00 500% match Buttercup Bingo bonus details.
Buttercup Bingo review.
Visit Buttercup Bingo's site.
Butterfly Bingo Free Room 400% match
+ 50 spins
Butterfly Bingo bonus details.
Butterfly Bingo review.
Visit Butterfly Bingo's site.

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