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PC Bingo Calls Ban Storm In A Teacup - Old News Archive

Posted On: Monday, 28 December, 2009

You may have spotted a pretty minor news article t'other day about a local councillor in Sudbury, Suffolk who's been banned from using some of the saucier bingo calls at local council bingo nights. His bosses thought that sayings like 'two fat ladies' for 88 or 'legs eleven' for 11 could be taken as offensive, leading to complaints, and as a pre-emptive measure asked him to stop using them, to which he agreed.

You would be forgiven for thinking this minor and frankly forgettable incident set the seeds for the destruction of the heritage of the game and ushered in its untimely demise, reading the news blurts and campaigns that have sprung up from this story. The major press has run with the story, frothing at the mouth that the political correctness will be the end of us all.

It seems some opportunistic webmaster of another bingo site has decided to blow this story up beyond all proportions. Extrapolating from the Sudbury story, they released an op-ed Press Release stating 'that it's only a matter of time before EU killjoys set their sights on bingo hall banter', forming a frankly nonsense group to protect our Bingo Lingo. This is all based on 'industry rumours' rather than any solid information, but it's not stopped the xenophobic gutter press getting all 'old blighty' about it.

Ok, let's put this in perspective, to save the nonsense going around about it. Firstly, the original case was more likely the result of an overzealous council worker trying to do what they perceived as the right thing. It effects one tiny, weekly game at a local council.

Secondly, there is no evidence that the EU or any other bureaucrats want to ban bingo phrases. What's more, if they ever did, it would not effect the vast majority of UK bingo players as they play at halls where the old fashioned calls haven't been used for decades, due to their slowing down of the game.

Thirdly, bingo is popular in Europe too, and although they don't use the same calls of us, the thought that Eurocrats would want to pass legislation on something as minor as bingo calls is frankly idiotic and moronic.

Finally, and bingo players signing the petitions and joining groups are doing so because they've been fed this BS and don't realise how they are being manipulated, with an aim to simply gaining a single bingo affiliate website lots of juicy links. It's all the more ironic and insulting as the person who's spearheading this campaign to protect 'British Bingo Lingo' doesn't actually live in the UK but in Europe and doesn't actually play bingo. So please folks, let's knock this one on the head right now, it's silly and demeaning.


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Dio Bach said...

LOL, you play 4 or 5 times a week too? I take it back... Come on Rob, you've made you feelings about the game and its players quite plain when we've spoken, and it weren't good.

And being British you know the problems we have in this country with the likes of the BNP and other nationalistic idiots, so why feed into their rhetoric with this nonsense about unsubstantiated rumours of EU meddling? When the likes of The Sun and The Mail report this kind of guff, it's just another nail in the coffin of common sense and fairness.

On the plus side though, hat's off for some class link bait. ;)

Nickie said...


I can't believe that you play bingo, wasn't it at the Online Bingo Summit that you described it as, and I quote "the most boringest game ever!" LOL

michelle said...

As I wrote the article you are referring to maybe you should have directed your comments at me, rather than Rob, which by the way was pretty low considering you used personal info to give your spill more momentum!

Ok firstly I am British and I live in the UK! I am an avid bingo player both online and offline and have been for 20 years and all for your information all the bingo writers for the site in question are bingo fans.

You say our traditional bingo calls are (old fashioned) and that they have not been used by many bingo clubs for decades ? Well the bingo clubs I frequent do still use some of them like legs eleven number 11. You may not care about traditional bingo heritage, but I do and whilst the Sudbury case may be minor, things like this inevitably lead on to others picking it up and going with the flow.

And one more thing we started the campaign to save our traditional bingo slang on 18th December and a press release was issued prior to that date as well, before the Sudbury incident even came out! So we did not jump on the bandwagon off this article, unlike some!

You have your opinion which is fair enough but getting personal they way you did is bang out of order and whilst you think that this is all silly and demeaning so far 3,796 people have voted to save our bingo slang, with only 38 votes saying that is should go. That?s 99% for and only 1% against.

Dio Bach said...

Ok Michelle, my apologies. I didn't realise you came up with the whole idea for this link bait campaign yourself. Writing the article is one thing, but according to the press it's all Rob's idea and baby. But, if I'm wrong and it was you that masterminded the whole thing, the comments stand and I stand by them.

First up - no personal information was released in my original piece, you and Rob responded to it and identified yourselves. Also, I don't actually believe that mentioning the country someone lives in and deducing that they don't like bingo from what they said on a panel at a conference is revealing personal information.

As for your vote, people are voting on what the inaccurate tripe they are being fed, not what the actual facts are. Forget about your press releases and hyperbole, where's the evidence that the EU wants to meddle in bingo calls?

I'm sure if I set up a vote here saying 'Protect 90 ball bingo, the EU may standardise bingo to the 75 ball game' I would get similar sorts of results, whether it was based on something that would actually happen, or as is the case here, not likely to happen.

And as to my not caring about 'bingo heritage', well LOL. Where on OBC is the Lost Halls section? Where is the academic and researched history of the game in the UK, or come to that, the history section? Where are the photos of endangered bingo hall architecture? Where can UK bingo players comment on their halls and bingo memories? Have I missed these sections? These sections exist on Playing Bingo because I do care about these things, and not just raking in the affiliate pounds like 99% of the other sites out there.

Let's face it, saying I don't care about the game is a smokescreen. You got called on a BS publicity gimmick and don't like it. End of.

michelle said...

If stating the area where someone lives, plus what they like or dislike from which you picked up on business level is not giving out personal about them, then my name is Barak Obama!

We have a dedicated bingo news section on OBC, which covers a number of different news issues and topics relating to bingo. The people or write for OBC care about bingo heritage and what happens to it, which is why we don?t want to see our tradition bingo slang go down the political toilet....... thanks for the tip on adding some dedicated sections.

Evidence relating to how the EU want to meddle with bingo calls will be out shortly; keep a look out for it.

Don?t you have affiliate linked banners on your site then? Oh and apology accepted, lol!

Dio Bach said...

Firstly, I got it wrong, I said a country in my comment, but on re-reading the original piece, I actually mentioned a continent. It's not personal info in the slightest. Talking about Barack Obama, if I mentioned he lived in the USA and doesn't like Republicans, would that be revealing personal info? I think not.

Rob revealed his dislike for the game at a public event - covered by a number of bingo news outlets, and as such it's fair game for comment and further discussion. I can dig out the MP3 of the talk if you don't believe me. If it's personal info you're concerned about, might want to point out that Rob's name and the site URL is all over the press release that went out to 1000s of news sites from yourselves. If you were worried about personal info, it wouldn't have.

As for your news section, if you want to portray yourself as being bingo industry focused, then maybe you should allow comments from other people in the industry and other bingo players, rather than it being a one way street. I don't think a single comment I've posted at the site, no matter how pertinent to the topic, has ever been approved and added. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

I also welcome you adding more bingo heritage related sections to the site, as frankly it worries me that no one else does. But here's the thing - these sections don't actually make any money. In fact, they cost money, that's why no one else in the affiliate arena is doing it. I do it because I have an interest in the subject and enjoy sharing information on it. The cost is irrelevant.

If you care to refer to the about section of the site, the affiliate section of the forum or indeed, one of the many posts where I talk about work as a bingo affiliate, you will see that my position and the paid banners on this site is well discussed and fully disclosed.

In fact, the money I make as an affiliate goes back into providing the content for the site, as well as giving me time to develop this and other web sites. Playing Bingo is far from perfect and doesn't have anywhere near the breadth and depth of bingo information I would like - but in time it will. Not because I want to say any old schlock to make affiliate pounds, but because I genuinely have a love for the game and all it involves.

I will be keeping an eye out for this evidence when it appears, I may even join the campaign should it prove to be correct. However, I will not act on rumour and hearsay, as that is all we have at the moment, and I would urge all fellow bingo fans to do the same.

michelle said...

No that would not be giving out personal info about Barak Obama because he is a public figure and the ins and outs about his life are now widely known, after all he is the US President........hello! But would the Joe Blogs in the street now the area in which Rob Lived and what he does or does not like? I would not want that kind of info which was picked up at a business event and said in jest published on a web site about me!

Remind me to keep my mouth firmly shut at the next bingo conference.

I have never seen a comment come through from you at OBC. All comments unless they contain inappropriate language or offensive material are always published, good or bad. Please let me know what comment or comments, you have made which you say has not been published?

I look forward you to joining the save our traditional bingo call campaign.

Dio Bach said...

We'll agree to disagree about what I mentioned as revealing personal info. The conference was a public event, as was everything said at it by the speakers on the stage (including Rob). It was attended by the same sort of people who read this site.

Seriously, you think that my repeating something said by one of the featured speakers at a public event, and then not naming that person but saying that they live in Europe is an invasion of privacy? Really?

Could someone instantly pinpoint that very person from such info? Good grief if they could - M15 should hire them. "There you go Bond, your target is someone in Europe who doesn't like bingo. Go get 'em..."

Your very own press release gave away 10x the personal info and opinions that my initial piece did. All further disclosure of personal information was given by yourself and Rob, not me.

As for comments, I stopped leaving them years ago as they never got published, but I will start leaving them if they are going to be approved. :)

Dio Bach said...

Rob, my other portals / bingo sites (like yours) are run with the same standards I run here. I only promote sites that are UK white-listed, I try to get the best deals for fellow bingo players and will warn if there are issues with operators that I'm not happy with. More smokescreen I fear.

As for research, if you call reading the blog of a rampant anti-EU MEP from the frankly bonkers UKIP research, then I fear research is dead. I mean, it's not like such a conservative, nationalistic party member would be above blowing things out of proportion to make his own party's points now would it?

"They have decided that all references to gender be banned."

Nope, that's not true. If you care to look around, you'll find he is referring to the "Gender-Neutral Language" Pamphlet that was sent out to all 785 MEPs back in Spring 2009. This pamphlet acts as guidelines for MEPs only, referring how they should refer to fellow MEPs and the wider public whilst in public office.

So really, its like the sort of guidelines you might get on how to address your customers if you worked in a call centre, or how to address the criminal you just captured if you're a policeman. To me, given the complex make-up of cultural differences within the EU Parliament, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

However, no where is it suggested these guidelines are for the wider public, and more importantly, no where is bingo mentioned. So in, answer to your question is he bullshitting, the answer is yes.

Reading around the press and political blogs of the time, it seems the only MEPs who have a problem with these guidelines are the Conservatives and UKIP. Their main argument against them seems to be they should be allowed to call people what they want, without any care or consideration that actually what they want to call people could be offence to the people involved. But hey-ho, it's not like you would expect any different from them, is it?

There's no hate here or personal attacks, it's merely a difference of opinion. You believe it's ok to stir up the press with inaccurate information to further publicise your own sites, where as I think it's not right, and don't mind explaining why I think it's not right. This is not a personal attack, and at no point have I done anything but state facts.

In fact, as I've said, this is a brilliant piece of link-bait. Inaccurate, but brilliant none-the-less, as you have proved with the link you've supplied in your post.

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