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A Round Of Applause For Brett Please - Old News Archive

Posted On: Friday, 06 November, 2009

Well, after two and a half years, our resident Bingo Caller Of The Year Brett Hyrjak has written his last piece for the site. And if I say so myself, what a great piece it is! Full of pictures of Brett's adventures over the past couple of years writing at the site, and boy has it been a fun ride.

As Brett mentions in his piece, a lot has changed in the world of retail bingo since he first started here. For instance, the Bingo Caller Of The Year competition that bought Brett to fame and fortune has failed to materialise for the second year in a row (the finals would be happening this month normally) and doesn't look like it's set to return. There's been a lot of closures out there too, not to mention smoking bans and tax raises. Despite all the doom and gloom, Brett's Corner has been a little beacon of light and bought us a great perspective on the industry.

With this in mind, I'd like you to join me in a big round of applause and thanks to Brett for his work at the site. Brett explains why he's leaving in his post, and I have to say I've enjoyed following the adventures and commentary Brett has provided (especially when he covered stuff I was too lack to get too!) I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Brett every success in the future, whatever he endeavours to do! Thanks Brett!

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