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2009 Online Bingo Award Nominations Announced - Old News Archive

Posted On: Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

With the 2009 Online Bingo Summit barely weeks away, the nominations have been announced for the 2nd Annual Online Bingo Industry Awards. Interesting to note there's been some changes in the way the votes will be awarded this year. Following last year's event I had concerns that the voting for the event was unfair as everyone who attended the summit could vote. This meant big companies with lots of staff at the event had an unfair advantage in the voting.

That's all changed for the voting this year. Now only 1 voting card is allowed per company, so that should even out the votes and make things a lot fairer. There are also changes with how sites were chosen. This time around companies were able to nominate themselves, then the shortlisting was done by a panel of industry experts. It all seems pretty much as I would hope to see, but a couple of the newcomer awards have got me scratching my head. Here's the awards categories and the shortlisted sites.

Best Online Bingo Operator 2009

Best Online Bingo Portal 2009

Best Newcomer 2009

Best Affiliate Programme 2009

Online Bingo Software 2009

Best Marketing Campaign 2009

Best Innovation 2009


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bingosupermarket said...

lol, I spotted that one too for 888 and in particular for crown bingo. Perhaps its an award for best newcomer to be nominated for an award.
Crown have just released neighbourhood bingo and took up over one hundred domain names to localise their platform or give the impression its a local online bingo website. Perhaps this is what they are referring to or will that be a nomination for next year who knows????
If it wasn't for those two nominations I think this year's awards would have had a lot more credibility

WhichBingo said...


Thanks for pointing this out. Although I wasn't involved in the final list, I have advised the organisers of the error on Crown Bingo, and it will be removed in due course.

The criteria set by the organisers for new site was 'launched after Jan 08', and thus 888Ladies actually fits the criteria.

Dio Bach said...

That's fair enough then, I've not looked for the list, but wasn't 888Ladies one of the nominations last year as well? The Jan 2008 date seems daft, by which token Wink Bingo could be in the running again. Surely June 2008 would be a better date for acceptance for this award as that was the date of the last awards.

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