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Old News - Bingo Caller Of The Year

Every year, bingo callers from around the UK gather for a competition, a mighty battle to find the best of them.

Many try to attain the coveted title of Bingo Caller Of The Year but fall by the wayside - there can only be the one!

As well as the huge national competition, big bingo chains hold their own battles amongst their talented staff to find the best callers. Gala are amongst those who hold their own annual in-house competitions.

In The Bingo Caller Of The Year Section

We've got several articles below, just click on a link to be taken through to your chosen page There's plenty of info for serious bingo fans who take a serious interest in the very competitive, but fun world of competition bingo calling.

  • Winners List - The competition has been going since 1994, we've been closely following the regional heats and the finals. We've got the national winners list here from 1994 to 2007 - have a look to see who Britain's best callers are. Visit
  • 2007 Competition Info - Details of regional winners in 2007, as well as links to the original articles from the local press coverage of their 'local bingo heroes'. Plenty of info and resources for bingo trivia enthusiasts. Visit
  • 2006 Competition Info - Brett Hyrjak, of Gala Bingo, Butlins Bognor Regis was the national winner, but if you want to find out who won the regional heats check out our 2006 page. Visit
  • Club Competition - The NGBA are not the only body hosting a national bingo calling competition, some of the 'big clubs' run their own to celebrate their best callers. Find out who the clubs are, and who the winners were, and what prizes were awarded. Visit

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