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Proprietary/Standalone Software - Mobile Bingo Software

Proprietary software is software that is produced solely for one bingo site. While some bingo apps make use of existing software, and often comes as part of a network, proprietary software tends to be more unique than this. When you play on many bingo apps, you’ll see the same layout and design but different colours, when you play at a standalone app, the software will be unique to this app.

There are several proprietary software suppliers out there, the biggest is probably Tombola, who have taken part of their bingo operation to mobile, but not all the games, but there are others too, and more and more of them are appearing as mobile bingo sites.

Often only one, or two sites under the same name often use proprietary software, and while you might think that would mean a smaller bingo experience with fewer players, this isn’t always the case. Proprietary software is big business, as it holds a huge appeal for players to have unique games, promotions and specials.

We can’t really give an overview of proprietary software as it varies wildly depending on who the proprietor is but many of them are worth a look, especially as there are so many lookalike bingo apps out there. If you’re looking for something fresh and new, you might want to check out some of the mobile sites on this page.

Mobile Bingo Brands Using Proprietary/Standalone Software

Listed below are the sites that we know of that offer mobile bingo using proprietary/standalone software

At this point in time we have only reviewed a couple of the mobile products using proprietary/standalone software, this is because to date there are only the following brands that have their own unique mobile gaming experience:

Site Mobile Review Visit Website QR Code
Kitty Bingo Kitty Bingo Mobile Review Kitty Bingo
Lucky Pants Bingo Lucky Pants Bingo Mobile Review Lucky Pants Bingo
Tombola Bingo Tombola Bingo Mobile Review Tombola Bingo



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