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An Overview

When playing bingo, you may notice that, while from site to site colours and themes may be different, the basic layout doesn’t change much and this is because many sites are networked. Networking is an essential part of the industry and allows players to enjoy bigger games, as many sites operate under the same umbrella.

Networks allow mobile sites to offer bigger jackpots and more tempting offers, simply by pooling their resources, so to speak, and ensuring there are enough players to make the game exciting for everyone on board.

Not all bingo apps are networked, some are stand alone, even when they use software that is used by networked sites, so you can’t always assume that sites using the same software share all the same players. Some sites are standalone, some are part-networked and some are completely networked and share all games.

What Is A Mobile Bingo Network?

A network is a group of sites that pools its players and prize money to give everyone a more exciting game. When you enter a bingo room, there will be a certain volume of players in the room. However, if the site is networked, then not all of those players may be playing through the same site as you have logged in to and could be feeding in from other sites.

Surprisingly, many players don’t even realise they are playing on a bingo network and just take the industry on face value, and why shouldn’t they? When you play at a mobile bingo site, you don’t need to worry about the ins and outs, just the fantastic pots to be won and the playability on site.

The Evolution Of Mobile Bingo Software

When bingo first moved to online, it was on the very cusp of the invention of the smartphone, and the only way to play was WAP. This meant that the fantastic Flash software we enjoyed from our PC, wasn’t capable from a phone and this led many brand to launch mobile sites that were actually completely separate to their main site. Probability Gaming was the brand of the moment, and they launched some of the first mobile bingo versions we ever saw.

This meant only one real bingo software to choose from, and it often wasn’t even the same network you were playing on when you played the games online. It was a solution, but not much of one and it would take until the smartphone evolved before we would start to see bingo of the quality we had come to expect from our desktops on our mobiles.

Once the phones began to evolve, everything sped up and from 2011, the number of mobile bingo networks started to grow. Throughout 2012 and 2013, the number of mobile software platforms exploded and we saw versions launch from many brands who had only been seen online. Suddenly, the lines between the online game at mobile versions blurred as the software supplier developed bingo apps that played the same games from a browser as from your smartphone, and this meant networked games were now available from a mobile device.

Now there are many bingo networks available from mobile, and they are the same games as you play online.

The biggest bingo network are undoubtedly from Cassava, using the 888 / Globalcom / Cassava software, and Virtue Fusion, using software from Playtech. While these brands dominated the market online, it took until smartphones for them to launch mobile versions, versions that soon swept the market.

Are Mobile Networks A Good Thing?

It’s a good question, and it really depends what you want from a bingo site. There’s no doubt that the mobile bingo market is better now there are more software options, and more sites to choose from. The quality of the games has improved greatly, and that’s all thanks to the investments of the network.

Overall, it’s a personal choice. If you’re looking for big jackpots that will make your heart race, then networked sites are perfect, plenty of players means plenty of big prizes. Thankfully, the investment by the networks into the mobile industry means that the standalone sites on each software benefit too, so there is still plenty of community bingo out there if you want it.

Popular Mobile Bingo Software Providers

Cassava Mobile Software

Cassava use software developed by the 888/Globalcom group, bring the Dragonfish software from the desktop, to your iPhone. The software offers a great solution for players who want to play 90-ball games from their mobile, and there are a couple of side games to choose from too. Sites like Wink Bingo, Foxy Bingo and 888Ladies run on the Cassava software. Read more....

Cozy Games Software

The Chelbis Group bring the Cozy Games software to your mobile phone, and while the company may miss the boat a little for desktop players, their mobile version is fantastic. The network is available across many mobile devices, and offers great bingo and a huge number of slots and instant wins. You can play at sites such as Gone Bingo and Bingo Hero. Read more...

Jumpman Gaming Mobile Software

Jumpman Gaming is the software behind the now well known 15 Network and offers a user-friendly interface that’s as good for tablet PCs as it is for desktop players. Boasting sites such as Tidy Bingo, Film Bingo and others, the platform offers fantastic 90-ball and 75-ball games. Read more...

Microgaming Mobile Software

Microgaming are best-known on mobile for their impressive casino software, but the mobile bingo platform isn’t bad either. The smartphone software is exceptionally good with the best chat function we’ve ever seen, and unsurprisingly, the bingo is complemented with a collection of slots and instant wins that are unrivalled in the mobile bingo world. Read more...

Playtech / Virtue Fusion Mobile Software

Playtech are the name behind the Virtue Fusion Bingo software, and that’s now available online, offering an integrated bingo experience from a smartphone. Many variants of bingo and several good side games make Virtue Fusion one of the favourite mobile platform. The Virtue Fusion software is available at sites such as Mecca Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo and others. Read more...

Probability Mobile Software

Once the giants in the mobile bingo market, Probability Gaming software hasn’t transferred over to the smartphone so well. The software is far less vibrant than newer mobile apps, and many users have now switched to their own smartphone software, but you can still play some Probability Games at sites such as William Hill Bingo (although they do run the Virtue Fusion software along side). Read more....

Proprietary / Standalone Mobile Software

When mobile bingo first launched there were very few software providers able to meet the growing demand of players to be able to "play on the go". However, with many online brands launching mobile versions, proprietary software suppliers started to emerge. If you want a change from the same old interface, and you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to look here. Read more....

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