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As far as mobile bingo goes, the most important question that most of you will want answered is, "can I play it on my phone?" Our mobile bingo reviews mention what devices the games will work on, but if you want a bit more background, then below is an introduction to the main devices and technology to get the best from mobile bingo.

It can be quite confusing at times, especially as there are so many different devices and platforms available to people. As well as the main device types, we'll also give you a bit of background on a couple of the main technologies that help to power the games on your phone.


This describes phones which are internet and WiFi enabled. It is a generic term for many of the specific brands below. We have included this category to ensure that we cover all the potential device gaming options for the player. This group of devices enables you to connect to the internet for gaming and also enable you to play using your own WiFi connection either at home, or when near a hotspot (free public internet connection).

iOS / iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

iOS is the general term for the operating system that works across the 3 main Apple platforms. These are the devices of choice for many people, including online gamers. The superior operating systems and the adaptability of the screens make them ideal for gaming. Even the tiny iPod touch is better than many of the mobile platforms on offer. As these devices are so popular many gaming sites are doing their best to ensure that their games are compatible with these devices. Although players with iOS devices do not have the widest range of games available, they are often the better ones as they have been produced by some of the more 'forward thinking' mobile bingo sites.

Android Phones

Android are phones using the Google operating system. They are generally cheaper than the Apple devices, and are the device of choice for those looking for the functionality of Apple devices, but without the higher price tag. They are touchscreen which is great for gaming, and the operating system is also user friendly so they double up well as both a phone, and an online bingo device. There are several gaming sites that are Android compatible, including some of the more reputable big name brands such as Mecca Mobile.

Blackberry Phones

While Blackberries access the internet the technology behind the phones mean that to date, you will be limited to download games, and will not be playing the bingo games directly on the website. Not to fear though. As Blackberry were the first major smartphone to launch, they held a good position in the market, which means that for years the mobile gaming sites were ensuring that their games could be played on a Blackberry. The result of this is that if you have one of these devices you will a far superior choice of games than on the other platforms, and that includes Android and Apple devices.

Windows Phone

Although a bit late in the game, the Windows phones have increased in popularity, and although yet to truly compete with the iPhone or Android phones, they have become popular enough to attract the attention of the software developers at many online bingo and casino sites. More info. Owing to the familiarity of the Windows operating system, and the reasonable price tag of the phones, we expect them to increase in popularity, and as they do, more online gaming sites will be ensuring that users of this phone will be able to access the same variety of gaming options as other smartphone gamers. For the moment though, there are several good operators offering mobile bingo to Windows phone users including Ladbrokes, and Ladylucks.

Mobile Bingo Technologies

These technologies are what power the actual games themselves, rather than the devices they are played on. They work across the platforms in a fairly standard way, where the devices are built to be compatible with these technologies.

WAP & Java

Older and non-smartphones are still able to partake with WAP Java download apps. The online gaming sites are not stupid, they realise that there are still a lot of people using these older devices, so they won't be left in the wake of smartphone users when it comes to online bingo and other games. And what's more, these phones have access to a huge legacy of games developed especially for them. Although many online bingo and casino sites may be putting a bit more effort into breaking the smartphone market, they are still likely to continue with apps, so download away!


Most new providers are starting to use the multimedia capabilities of HTML to provide games instead of Adobe Flash and Java. HTML 5 is now advancing rapidly and with people like Apple who are are dropping support for Flash, many online gaming sites will be hosting games using the friendly HTML code. The code is developing rapidly, and with the innovation of this new technology we are likely to see a growth in entirely new games, not just a rehash of the old favourites, although we are sure the better ones will be there too. This technology is really the one to watch out for, as it can be used by practically all smartphones, and is likely to eventually provide the widest range of gaming options. Watch this space!

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