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Mecca Bingo Acton, Old Oak Road, London - Lost Bingo Halls

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Club Closed: February 1994

Mecca Bingo
Old Oak Road

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Mecca Bingo Acton, Old Oak Road Background And History

At the moment we do not have details of the events that led up to, or any of the circumstances surrounding the closure of Mecca Bingo Acton. We do however know a bit about the venue's history.

The venue opened as the Savoy Cinema in 1931 with seating capacity for almost 2,000 patrons. It was designed by George Coles who was at the time probably the most prolific of cinema architects. Originally an independent, it was, like many cinemas of the era, taken over by ABC Cinemas (1935). The Savoy closed in 1962, the building subsequently being gutted and converted into a bowling alley.

At some point Mecca took over and converted the premises for bingo, however they closed in 1996, and the building has since been demolished, with no replacement venue to date.

If you have any further details that may assist us, and you would like to share them with our readers, we would love to hear from you. If you let us know what you know, we will put the details online with your name credited (if you wish, or we can credit the article as anonymous). You will be doing a service to the bingo community and posterity by helping us record details of all Britain's bingo clubs and halls. Thank you.

By Gareth Whieldon (August 2012)

Photographs Of The Mecca Bingo Acton, Old Oak Road

If you have any photos from this lost hall, be it of its interior, the staff, special events, parties, customers and more; and you'd like to share them here, please contact us to arrange adding them to the site.

Mecca Bingo Acton

Mecca Bingo Acton, Old Oak Road - demolished.

Your Comments And Memories Of The Old Oak Road Mecca Bingo

Were you connected to the Mecca Bingo Old Oak Road, Acton? Be it as a staff member or customer, we'd love to hear about this club when it was open - send your comments and memories about the staff, the members, the events and general atmosphere of this lost bingo club; to keep here for posterity's sake.

Submit your comments and memories here.

Savoy Worker's Memory

I worked at the East Acton Savoy Mecca Bingo hall from 1973 to 1981, working my way up from steward to chief cashier, including calling prize bingo, main bingo, selling the books, prize bingo shop, the lot. It was a lovely place. There was a completely separate upstairs where players would sit and someone would be poised on a bell and mic if a punter upstairs called 'Bingo!'. We had some very busy nights, but also some very quiet afternoons and not so busy nights, where the upstairs would be closed.

At its height, there were two lots of prize bingo areas, two one-armed bandits, a canteen, a bar, and it was all pretty luxurious for its day. I used to also be nightwatch and often stayed in the building overnight and over Christmas. I met both of my husbands there - one very short-lived, but the other, who I am celebrating my 31st wedding anniversary with, used to call bingo there when he was out of work as an actor. The staff there were very close-knit and we were like one big happy family. Some of the staff had been there years.

There was also a ghost in the building, known as Horace (apparently a projectionist from its cinema days who hanged himself in the projection room upstairs). We could never get that room warm and lots of people experienced strange feelings in that building, including myself. A great time in my life. I went to various other Mecca bingo halls after that, all of which have now closed down - Commodore Hammersmith, Manor Park, Richmond, Harrow Road, Maidenhead. I even did a stint as chief cashier at Hammersmith Palais (also gone). But they were great times, and the staff and punters were like a second family to me at the time.

By P. Fryer (February 2014)

Ex Bingo Worker Les

I'm actually looking for someone who used to work at Acton Savoy Mecca bingo. His name is Les and he worked here during 1971/1972 and onwards. Don't know what he did at the bingo hall but need to find him urgently. I do know that one of his eyes may have been injured or had a lazy eye. If any one can help no matter how big or small please contact the website.

By D. Williams (March 2014)

Old Regular

I used to go here on a Friday evening in the early 1980's. Many good times had. I believe the reason it was closed was to widen the A40 Westway, but I don't believe it ever happened!.

By Tracy C. (October 2017)

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