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Welcome to our Lost Bingo Halls section. This part of the site is dedicated to remembering and celebrating the UK's closed bingo halls. These clubs could have shut for a number of reasons over the last half a century. Many will be falling foul of the current smoking ban and tax regime forcing them to close.

But the truth is there's been a steady decline in the number of bingo clubs since the 1980s, for a number of reasons ranging from clubs upgrading or moving to being taken out by local competitors. Whatever the reason, we're aiming to create an archive of these clubs, to mark their passing and note details about their closure for those interested in the rich history of UK bingo.

A good bingo hall has a culture and atmosphere all of its own that once gone, can never be recaptured. It's not just the culture that's in danger of being lost in time, it's the very fabric of the buildings, the interiors, decor and fittings.

Many of us have fond memories of these old bingo clubs, their grand architecture, the people who played there, the staff and the great times we had whilst frequenting them. If you find an old club here you were a member of, you can add your thoughts and memories about the club. If you have photos from the club that's closed, we'd also love to hear from you so we can add them to the site as well.

To the best of our knowledge the clubs listed here have closed. We've attempted to contact many of the newer closures to double check their status, but failed. If we've listed a club as closed here, and we're wrong, let us know and we'll remove it immediately. Unfortunately there's no central source for information on all the UK's bingo halls, so we're unable to physically visit the clubs ourselves to verify if they're open or shut.

Bingo Mysteries

Before we get on to the big list of closed clubs, we have an archive of bingo photos we've collected, but aren't actually sure of their origins. We're looking to get info on these clubs to add to this section or if they're still open, to add them to the sites in the UK Bingo Club Finder.

Visit the Bingo Mysteries Gallery below to see if you can help us put names and places to the pictures we have listed.

Lost Bingo Halls And Clubs Listed By City / Town

We've listed all our lost clubs firstly by location, being its city or town. Some clubs went by a number of chain names, in which case we have mainly listed them by their last owner. Any lost club sections with photographs are noted. Click on a letter below to jump the place index position of the town you want to look at, or scroll down to browse.

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