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Club Closed: Circa 2006

Empire Bingo
Marine Parade
Great Yarmouth
NR30 2EJ

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Empire Bingo Great Yarmouth, Marine Parade Background And History

With a seating capacity of 900, the Empire Picture Playhouse was opened in 1911. Designed in the Renaissance style, the cinema closed in the sixties, and became a bingo hall. The premises switched back and forth between cinema and bingo until bingo left the building for good, and since 2006 the building is being used as a nightclub. As the building is listed there is always the potential for bingo or cinema to return.

By Gareth Whieldon (September 2010)

Photographs Of The Empire Bingo Great Yarmouth, Marine Parade

If you have any photos from this lost hall, be it of its interior, the staff, special events, parties, customers and more; and you'd like to share them here, please contact us to arrange adding them to the site.

Empire Bingo Great Yarmouth

Photograph by: Martin Tapsell - Exterior of Empire Bingo Great Yarmouth

Your Comments And Memories Of The Marine Parade Empire Bingo

Were you connected to the Empire Bingo Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth? Be it as a staff member or customer, we'd love to hear about this club when it was open - send your comments and memories about the staff, the members, the events and general atmosphere of this lost bingo club; to keep here for posterity's sake.

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Ghostly Memory

I've never, nor my brother told anyone about our mad 10 min run about upstairs at the Empire. We were on holiday at Gran's, and visited the Empire a few times. Gran won on bingo, it was a lot of money so details were needed from Gran. So me and my brother went upstairs to look about in the Empire. Masses of red seats empty and dusty, then we saw it, both of us. We stopped and stared at it. Right at the top, must be the last 10 rows from the top, we saw two smoke like things slowly going down the stairs. We took a few steps closer, one smoke like thing went to the left of the seats and vanished, the other went to the right then vanished. As brothers, we spoke of what we just saw. He confirmed it too.

If you believe it or not, this wasn't human. We slowly walked down the stairs to the row where these apparitions vanished. Strangely enough, there were two seats left down, the one on the left and one on the right, just like someone was sitting there. Me and my brother were around 14 and 12 at the time, but said nothing after the event. Until now. What happened way back then 86/87, is still fresh in my mind. As the Empire was bingo and cinema, maybe these two souls came back for a game, or their last movie. Strange thing is, I'd love to go back to the spot with ghost equipment or with a ghost club. Now in my 40's I still want to understand what we saw that day. Nan was happy winning a large fortune. My memories of the old Empire building. Thanks for reading. Pass this on to others if you want, if people need to know.

By S. Sinclair (July 2017)

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