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We have a number of pictures in our archive that we're not sure about. Can you help us in our project to create an archive of old bingo halls on the internet? If you do recognise any of the clubs below, please contact us, and let us know what you know about the club. We're looking for information on who run them, what they were called and where they were located. What info we have about these photographs is listed below them.

We'll be very grateful and will ensure that you are credited with providing the knowledge or any photos. You will also be helping to ensure that while many UK bingo halls are gone, they are certainly not forgotten. If you enjoy these photos, then you'll find more bingo hall photographs in both the Lost Bingo Halls and Bingo History sections of the site.

Do You Recognise Any Of Bingo The Clubs Below?

If you spot one we've not identified and recognise it, please contact us

Bideford strand bingo

1. We've been informed by Ian Grundy that this was the Bideford Strand. Although the building was still standing in 1980, we still don't have much info about the bingo operation - can you help?

coliseum litherland bingo club

2. There can't have been too many Coliseums in Litherland! This one has been identified as Top Flight Litherland by Ian Grundy.

Wolverton Zetters

3. Identified as Wolverton Zetters Bingo by Martin Tapsell.

gaumont birkenhead

4. This Birkenhead mystery has been identified as Birkenhead Top Rank Bingo by Ian Grundy.

granada liverpool

5. Identified as the Knotty Ash Granada Bingo Club by Graham Forrest.

grosvenor stanley road

6. Interiors are more difficult to identify, but we do know this was a Grosvenor Cinema in Stanley Road Liverpool. Do you have any details?

la scala

7. Identified as Runcorn La Scala Bingo by Graham Forrest.

moreton bingo

8. Identified as Moreton Top Ten Bingo by Lee Joinson.

regent crosby

9. Another Liverpool Club, this was the Regent Social Club, but was it the Regent Bingo Club? Does it still stand? What is it called now?

reo bingo

10. This is quite an architecturally interesting building, but we don't know about its bingo history. Can you help?

merrifield bingo

11. We know this was previously the Swan Cinema, but other than its change of name to the Merriefield, we've drawn a blank. Do you know anything about this ex bingo club?

top rank bingo

12. Identified as Top Rank Casino Bingo, Liverpool by Graham Forrest.

tunnel road bingo

13. Identified as Avenue Bingo Liverpool by Ian Grundy

victoria bingo

14. Identified as the Regal Top Rank Bingo Liverpool by Graham Forrest.

winter gardens bingo

15. Identified as Winter Gardens, Waterloo by Ian Grundy.

Aylesham Bingo

16. Do you recognise this Aylesham bingo club?

Bedford Bingo

17. Identified as Bedford - Mecca Bingo - Midland Road by Ian Grundy.

Camberwell Zetters

18. Identified as Camberwell Zetters Bingo by Martin Tapsell

Gillingham gala

19. Identified as Gillingham Gala Bingo by Martin Tapsell

Hemel Bingo

20. Identified as Hemel Hempstead Jasmine Bingo by Martin Tapsell

Hucknall Bingo

21. Identified as the Gloucester Mecca (still open), by Graham Forrest.

Byron Bingo

22. Identified as Radford Carlton Bingo, by Tim Wayne.

chatahm coral

23. Identified as Coral Bingo Club in Chatham by Martin Tapsell

Bingo Club

24. Identified as The Jasmine Bingo Club in Maida Vale by Martin Tapsell

Scala bingo

25. Identified as Longton Gala Bingo Club by Owen Whitfield.

Empire  Bingo

26. Identified as Silverline Bingo Club by Tim Wayne

March Hippodrome

27. Identified as The Lucky 7 Bingo Club in Cambridge by Martin Tapsell

Mecca Bingo

28. Identified as Mecca Palais club on Fountainbridge Road in Edinburgh by Paul Hodgson.

Premier Bingo

29. Identified as Premier Bingo in Edinburgh (still open) by Martin Tapsell

Peterborough Palace

30. Identified as The Top Rank in Peterborough by Martin Tapsell

Penge Coral

31. Can you tell us anything about this Coral Bingo club in Penge?

bingo mystery 1

32. Identified as The Ritz in Penzance by Martin Tapsell

bingo mystery 2

33. Identified as Opera Bingo Penrith (Open), by Charlotte Kennedy.

bingo mystery 3

34. Identified as Opera Bingo Penrith (Open), by Charlotte Kennedy.

Bingo Mystery

35. Identified as Mecca Bingo in Shepherd's Bush by Martin Tapsell

Bingo Mystery

36. Identified as Regal Bingo in Purley by Martin Tapsell

Salisbury Gala Bingo

37. Identified as Gala Bingo in Salisbury (still open) by Martin Tapsell

Winchester Top Rank Bingo

38.Identified as Winchester Top Rank Bingo Club by Ian Grundy.

Snodland Savoy Bingo

39. Identified as Snodland Savoy Bingo, do you have any details of the club's history?

Tunbridge Wells Bingo

40. Identified as Tunbridge Cascade Bingo by John Tice.

Westwood Mecca Bingo

41. Identified as Thanet Mecca Bingo (open) by Graham Forrest.

Bingo Club Mystery 1

42. Identified as Gillingham Gala Bingo by Martin Tapsell

Bingo Club Mystery 2

43. Identified as Gala Bingo in Dover (still open) by Martin Tapsell

Bingo Club Mystery 3

44. Identified as Gala Bingo in Chatham (still open) by Martin Tapsell

Bingo Club Mystery 4

45. Identified as Gala Bingo in Dartford (still open) by Martin Tapsell

Bingo Club Mystery 5

46. Identified as Savoy Bingo in Folkstone by Martin Tapsell

Bingo Club Mystery 5

47. This has been identified as the interior of Top Rank Bingo/Empress Theatre by Jeremy Buck

Bingo Club Mystery 5

48. This has been identified as Top Rank Bingo/Empress Theatre by Charles S.P. Jenkins

49. We have been sent an image of the corner of a bingo hall by Ryan Wain, although we cannot publish it due to copyright reasons. Ryan would like to know which bingo hall it is (as would we), the photograph can be seen here. We do know it was a Top Rank Club, but are not sure where. Top marks for anyone who can identify this one as there's not much to go on (the image isn't large enough to zoom in on the bus timetable for a clue).

FOUND IT! Thanks to Garry Jamieson who came across it quite by chance, and has pointed us towards the Essoldo on Caledonian Road, Lower Holloway, London. This photo should prove it!

If you can provide any information on the above halls, please drop us a line!

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