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Grimsby Gala Bingo, Pasture Street

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Club Details

Gala Bingo
Pasture Street
DN32 9AB

Tel: 01472 354141

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Club Opening Times

Listed below are the club's main session times. The times were correct at the time of publication, but we recommend you check with the club first by phoning them, as all times are liable to change.

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning Session 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am N/A
Afternoon Session 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 1.30pm
Evening Session 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm

Club Background And History

Grimsby Gala Bingo offers bingo players the opportunity to play bingo everyday, afternoon and evening, and it regularly runs promotions to give you better value for your money, including free bingo - give them a ring to see when you can grab a chance to play for free.

The club is located in the centre of Grimsby, it has a bar, diner, and slot machines if you fancy a little spin while you're waiting for the game to start. There are disabled facilities and this no shortage of parking spaces on there are 200 parking spaces. Please contact us if you can give us more information on this club's background or history.

Photographs Of The Gala Bingo Grimsby

If you have any photos of this club, its interior, staff, events and more; and you'd like to share them here, please contact us to arrange adding them to the site.

Gala Bingo Grimsby

Exterior of Gala Bingo Grimsby

Other Clubs In The Area

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Your Comments On The Pasture Street Gala Bingo

Have you played at the Gala Bingo Pasture Street, Grimsby? Tell us about this club - send your comments about the staff, prizes and general atmosphere of the club to share with fellow bingo players, don't forget to give it a rating out of 5.

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Slow Payment

Good news bad news. The club's OK, I won £2225 11 days ago but the 'Cheque' is still 'in the post'. If I get the cheque in the morning which is a Saturday it will clear by the middle of next week and it will be 16 days from winning until I have access to the money. Get real Gala.

Rated 5/5 by J. Edmond (October 2008)


Always a friendly welcome and the staff are always willing to help you.

Rated 5/5 by S. Mullen (February 2010)

Helpful Staff

While on holiday I became a member. The Scottish lady on the door was very helpful and even showed me where the toilets were at half time when I sort of got lost. Lovely lady, very polite, and I even won £200.

Rated 5/5 by K. Petrie (April 2010)

Waste Of Money

The staff are very demoralised, and the prize money is atrocious. Far better to get a few lottery tickets than go to bingo. I complete waste of money in my opinion.

Rated 1/5 by JP (September 2012)

Varying Levels Of Customer Care

Some staff members are nice, others are shall we say unenthusiastic about working the and one is just damn right rude. On a couple of occasions I have almost had my books thrown at me without even saying what I want. I attend about 2/3 times a week and in that time I get about 1/2 sweats 3 at most. I recently visited a Mecca club in Hull and won 9 times on the boards and 5 times on the main bingo. The one and only time "I've been it would take me about 3 years to get that at Gala Grimsby. Is this just a coincidence? You decide. GALA BUZZ...I ASSURE YOU THERE IS NO BUZZ.

Rated 2/5 by D. Mitchell (Febuary 2013)

Feel Like Fainting

Been to this club a million times, would like to point out that they need to do something with the heating! Mega boiling & feel like fainting every-time you go in! First time I won I was 18, I am now 29 and never won since! Can I also mention one of the staff is very rude, no customer service, treats people like dirt! Needs sacking.

Rated 1/5 by Karen (February 2013)

Joining Another Club

My friend and I attend regularly to Grimsby and Scunthorpe. I viewed on one occasion a new member wanting to play the electronics. The front of house lady is very rude, when asked to explain she said she didn't have time. It was not busy, no empathy or customer relations at all ... Also, one night bingo finished and the caller said good night, went to switch off main stage and there are always link games after which my friend never fails to play. My friend had to ask caller to play them on asking, she said what you want to play the links too rusty wanting to get off. I've played since the first night Gala opened its doors, always enjoy my night but recently on these occasions no it's been awful; staff never there to change money. Too busy talking to each other instead of giving change out at Grimsby and Scunthorpe Bingo is dwindling in numbers and my friend and I go for an enjoyable night or more often lunch time afternoon, but come out feeling deflated, no atmosphere staff that don't give customer service and that's most important. We've now looked at joining another club and traveling that bit further.

Rated 2/5 by B. Harwood (July 2015)

Appalling attitude

Although I've not been to this bingo club for a while I used to go every other day, its got more expensive buying books some of the staff are just so rude, the Gala members are even worse. I've seen and heard shouting and fights breaking out inside that club. They aren't no discipline no warnings nothing if you misbehave or if you shout and are verbally abusive towards staff or other bingo players. I witnessed an incident inside Grimsby Gala, it was reported but no action was taken against the person responsible. I now go elsewhere to Gala and these clubs are so much better. I don’t feel intimidated in Lincoln or Hull Gala like i did in Grimsby. I stopped going to Grimsby Gala since Feb 2017. The staff half the time aren't bothered about your personal safety or your health inside Grimsby Gala. I once had a very very serious accident inside and severely damaged my knee not one member of staff rang the ambulance for me, I actually tripped up something and went flying hit my head on the floor and busted my knee cap in several places. I was disgusted by the staff at Grimsby Gala's attitude, not once did anyone come up to me to see if I was alright and called the ambulance. I went back to Gala the following week in Grimsby and all the staff were sniggering and laughing about the accident I had. One staff member even asked me am I going to sue gala. Appalling attitude and behaviour, I stopped going after a while because of this and some other personal reasons, not one member of staff asked if I was OK.

Rated 1/5 by Lisa (May 2017)

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