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Brighton Gala Bingo, Freshfield Business Park

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Club Details

Gala Bingo
1 Freshfield Way
Freshfield Business Park

Tel: 01273 621884

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Club Opening Times

Listed below are the club's main session times. The times were correct at the time of publication, but we recommend you check with the club first by phoning them, as all times are liable to change.

Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Morning Session 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.45pm
Afternoon Session 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.30pm 1.30pm
Evening Session 6.45pm 6.45pm 6.45pm 6.45pm 6.45pm 6.45pm 6.45pm

Club Background And History

Brighton Gala Bingo is a modern purpose built bingo hall offering bingo players the opportunity to play bingo everyday, afternoon and evening, and it regularly runs promotions to give you better value for your money, including free bingo - give them a ring to see when you can grab a chance to play for free.

The club is located near the centre of Brighton, it has a bar, diner, and slot machines if you fancy a little spin while you're waiting for the game to start. There are disabled facilities and over 140 car parking spaces are available. Please contact us if you can give us more information on this club's background or history.

Photographs Of The Gala Bingo Brighton

If you have any photos of this club, its interior, staff, events and more; and you'd like to share them here, please contact us to arrange adding them to the site.

Gala Bingo Brighton

Exterior of Gala Bingo Brighton

Other Clubs In The Area

Listed below are a couple of clubs in the area as an alternative to the Gala Bingo Brighton.

Your Comments On The Freshfield Business Park Gala Bingo

Have you played at the Gala Bingo Freshfield Business Park, Brighton? Tell us about this club - send your comments about the staff, prizes and general atmosphere of the club to share with fellow bingo players, don't forget to give it a rating out of 5.

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Disappointing Party

I went to the so called Xmas party last Wednesday and after paying much more than my usual Wednesday fee I was presented with a sub-standard cracker and a blower, the Xmas dinner was extra and looked well overdone, all in all a very disappointing day.

Previously the Riva held their party and the all inclusive cost in included 12 crackers a dinner and a small present. What a difference! Perhaps I may decide to change my venue for a far better value for money in the future. I wasn't the only person that was disappointed on the day I heard many people complaining. Yours, a very disappointed punter.

Rated 1/5 by A. Cosens (December 2009)

Lacklustre Machines

We like to play the Wiz's, but the entry card constantly gets stuck in the machines, which is infuriating. Also, the 10p fruit machines on line aren't much fun and are mind numbingly tedious as you rarely get a win! And when you do, it's 50p!

Rated 3/5 by Simon and Chris (October 2012)

Under Staffed

It took 1 and a half hours to get food and when it did come, it came right on the last page of our book so was just going home so didn't even get to eat our dinner, so clearly you were very under staffed.

Rated 1/5 by R. Tait (September 2016)

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