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Many bingo halls have closed over the past few decades. Getting hold of photos of the closed clubs can be difficult, and if they've been demolished, it can be even harder, as many were closed before the advent of the digital camera, and so many images have been lost.

Part of the aim of this website is create a bingo archive, that includes memories, and images, so that something of the club will remain once they have 'departed' and gone on to bingo heaven.

The photos in the list below have come form a variety of sources. Some have been supplied by bingo and cinema enthusiasts who spend a good deal of time traipsing up and down the country photographing the interiors as well as the exteriors of these closed bingo halls, often from the time when they were open. We are very grateful to these contributors, as well as the many others who have provided us with photographs from their personal collections.

Whether you are mad about bingo or not, we think this section provides our visitors with some interesting photos. They cover a unique area of culture that combines architecture, social history and entertainment. We do hope that you enjoy what we have collected so far, but remember to bookmark this page and come back, as we are continually expanding this section. Just click on the links below to be taken to scenes from the past.

Lost Hall Photos

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