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Sadie Few: Bingo Wings

A Poem by Sadie Few - an entry in the 1st Playing Bingo Poetry Competition.

Just recently, I did something I never thought I’d do

I played a game of bingo with my Nan and her crew

Sure I had my doubts – I thought nah that’s not for me

But then I thought to myself – it can’t be worse than watching TV

So there I was right, in this room full of Nans

Eyeing up the prizes of various pickles and jams

As something came over me. I felt out of control

Thinking about - how much I need to win those sausage rolls

So the numbers start rolling, I’m out of my depth

I’m in a panic – scanning my numbers right and left

Then my Nan lends me a hand and I realise – I’m not so smart

I underestimated these dear old ladies who are moving their pens so fast

Because I can’t keep up – I’m feeling the heat

Even though I’m so focussed trying my best to compete

All the 2’s, 22, Qwak Qwak,

Leg’s 11, Oooer – wait up what was that?

The grey haired perms, the knowing smiles,

As I shout ‘HERE’ – but it’s for full house not lines.

Now come the jibes, and in her fenland accent the caller replies

‘She doont knoo what’s gooin on’ – The room cries

With laughter – at me – cheeks flush red, heart beats fast

The cockiness I came in with now a thing of the past

My Nan flashes me a glance – tightens the grip on my hand

She’s laughing too – but it doesn’t matter – at least now I understand

So I formulate a plan – there’s still plenty of time

I can still win and those sausage rolls will be mine

So... Head down, pen ready, pride-swallowed, ears sharp

I process those numbers coming in thick and fast

10.... Yes, 66.... now 73 please, YES – I’VE GOT A LINE

But instead of shouting out – I check first to see if I’m right

But the next numbers called – I’ve run out of time

Someone else shouts ‘Here’ – and I watch them take the prize


Now the games over, I’m empty handed

I look around at the prizes everyone else has landed

Tinned fruit, jammy dodgers, rich T’s, cans of spam

I feel envious, deflated, pining over those jars of jam

Maybe I wanted it too much – but it’s not easy and I haven’t got the touch

But my Nan does – she’s in her element here

Laughing with her friends – so full of cheer

And just at that moment I realise – I’ve actually had a good time

I kept an open mind and I went down in style

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