Playing Bingo

Simon French: Winter's Lucky Lady

A Poem by Simon French - an entry in the 1st Playing Bingo Poetry Competition.

The bingo dreams of Vera
keep her lumbering every Saturday night
in plastic rainhood through cloudburst & wind.

Her ‘cleaners’ knee’ clicks the ache
up steps, a last suck on a Richmond;
her cathedral of numbers a warm glow of light & chance.

That same seat creaks
under the weight of her Mablethorpe reverie;
a caravan, local chippie and a week away from buckets & mops.

Come on Caller
incantate the numeric, the clucking crowd hang
on your every banter, quick fingers twitch in wait for ‘Duck & Dive

or ‘Heaven’s Gate’ 78;
the winner’s whoop sends tremors out along tattooed arms
leaving Vera to deflate in taxi, an echo of bleach growing louder & harsh.

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