Playing Bingo

Michael Harrup: Bingo

A Poem by Michael Harrup - an entry in the 1st Playing Bingo Poetry Competition.

Bingo’s an old man sitting by the bar

Bingo’s his shout, when his card had got that far

Bingo’s an old man, who always loved to play

Bingo’s a grandfather, going old and grey

Bingo’s where he went, to have a little fun

Bingo’s that smirk that he’d wear when he won

Bingo’s a father; my mother’s, to be precise

Bingo was always his one and only vice

Bingo’s where I wish that I’d spent more of my time

Bingo’s the old man, looking for his line

Bingo’s a sailor, who served his hero’s time

Bingo’s a game, for a man who lived with pride

Bingo’s a brother, who left a sister behind

Bingo’s a father, who left a daughter to cry

Bingo’s an uncle, loved by all the kids

Bingo’s the one, who always gives you gifts

Bingo’s a friend, who always made you laugh

Bingo’s getting old and leaves the water in the bath

Bingo’s a granddad, or at least it is to me

Bingo’s a man, whose spirit now is free

Bingo’s who we lost, when age took its toll

Bingo’s now a word that makes my heart feel cold

Bingo’s a game with money on the line

Bingo’s a gamble, but not an evil kind

Bingo’s more than a game to me, my friend

Bingo’s a man who I’ll never see again

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