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Michael Hess: Regors Bingo & Social Club, Worksop

Regors Bingo and Social Club in Worksop, is a located in an old cinema/theatre, its name of which we are not sure. As you can see the conversion to bingo involved the addition of a lowered ceiling which is quite common as lighting is often the first consideration, and often the an old cinema will be split in two, usually the stalls area used for bingo, and the balcony used for something else, again often a smaller cinema. During the seventies many cinemas underwent the 'twinning' process, which in some cases enabled the falling cinema attendances to be buffered by the addition to the venue of bingo, and therefore keep the business afloat. The last shot is a poignant character filled close up of a staff member updating the tickets sold board.

Bingo hall

Bingo club

Bingo player

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