Playing Bingo

Michael Hess: Flutters Bingo, Biggleswade

Flutters Bingo in Biggleswade is a small bingo club and is one of the few to have been converted from a cinema to a bingo club using not only the stalls, but also the stepped area for bingo players. A 'family' bingo hall, the shots show everyone looking at home. There are a couple of close-ups, and a shot of the ubiquitous 'lucky bingo board', players have all sorts of lucky talismans, but you don't always get to see them.

Bingo Auditorium

Bingo Seating



Bingo Smiles

Bingo Concentration

Bingo Players

Bingo screen


Bingo staff

Winning card

Dabbed bingo card

Watching the screen

Lucky bingo board

Dabbing the card

Serious player

Game in motion

Reading the paper

Jumbo bingo tickets

Bingo men

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