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End Of An Era At Playing Bingo

Friday, Nov. 9th 2018 10:09 AM

Things they are a changing around Playing Bingo in coming weeks and months. The first big change is we will be saying goodbye to our resident Bingo Queen Nickie Shute, who finishes working here today. Over the best part of a decade, Nickie has been the voice of, covering developments in the world of online bingo from great promotions to not-so-great behaviour from online bingo companies.

It’s been a time of great flux in the industry, with hundreds of sites opening, closing, moving platforms and regulatory changes changing the face of online bingo. The one constant has been Nickie’s unswerving dedication to the game, and covering it in all its various guises and moods. At times Nickie has been a lone voice, standing up for the bingo players out there whilst other sites have just parroted the company line in thinly veiled advertorials. At other times her insights into the minds of bingo players and what makes us all tick have been second to none. With her unique take on the industry, Playing Bingo has been blessed with not one of, but, ‘the’ absolute best writer in the field of Online Bingo.

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Daily Jackpot Games At Flowerpot Bingo

Monday, May. 21st 2018 4:35 AM

Flowerpot Bingo is one of the many brands that call the Dragonfish network home. This means all their lucky roomies get to benefit from a range of exciting promotions including free bingo, slots tournaments, happy hours and an impressive loyalty plan. If we’re honest though, most of us play in the hope of winning a pocket full of cash and this is where their Daily Jackpot Games come in handy.

These Daily Jackpot Games are open to all of Flowerpot Bingo’s registered and funded players, meaning you can join in the fun if you have topped your account at least once since you joined them. The great news is that you don’t even to be online to play live as you can pre-purchase all your cards in advance from the lobby and they’ll be automatically played for you.

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ASA Ruling on Butlers Bingo

Monday, Jul. 11th 2016 7:46 AM

Broadway Gaming Ltd, the company that owns and operates Butlers Bingo have this week had their wrists slapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have they were reported for misleading information on their mobile home page. The complaint was brought after their page featured a promotion on the 15th April offering “Deposit £10. Play £35”.

The complainant contacted the ASA after challenging whether the offer was misleading or not, as it failed to mention that there were wagering requirements attached to the offer before players could withdraw any winnings. Broadway Gaming Ltd apologised and started that the missing wagering requirements were an oversight, and the page was updated to include the relevant information.

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Now Available – The 1st Anthology Of Bingo

Friday, Aug. 7th 2015 12:33 PM

We’re proud to announce that our first ever book is now ready for public consumption. It’s taken a while to come to fruition, but we’re finally able to show off our book. It’s titled The 1st Anthology Of Bingo, and collects together a range of short-stories, poems and photographs all inspired by the game of bingo, and you can buy it right here!

Featuring a diverse range of content, from sci-fi to kitchen sink drama, the book has been compiled from the short-listed and winning entries to the poetry and writing competitions we held a few years back. There’s also a number of full-colour photo pages in the book, featuring the work of Michael Hess and Henry/Bragg. All in all it’s a nice little compilation of content that’s should have a few items to appeal to anyone.

I’m going to call it here and now, this (to my best knowledge) is the world’s first (and only) anthology dedicated to the game of bingo. Why it’s taken this long for someone to create such a compilation I can only guess, but there you go. If anyone out there knows different and would like to quosh my claim, then please feel free to let me know. Until then, I’m sticking with my assertion that there’s never been a collection in print like this one before, and this is a genuine world first. ;)

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Hook A Duck At Foxy Bingo

Monday, Jul. 27th 2015 7:34 AM

Foxy Bingo is well known for their extra free little games and in case you’ve missed it we’re here with a reminder that there’s one playing right now and you could win daily bonuses and credits for joining in!

Right now, log onto Foxy Bingo and you’ll see the Hook a Duck game, it’s one we all know and no doubt have played at the fairground many times but now you have the chance to win something more than a fluffy toy, not much more but something at least!

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Parlay Software To Change Hands

Wednesday, Jun. 24th 2015 7:19 AM

Intertain weren’t a particularly well known name in the UK until quite recently when they bought up a number of Gamesys Bingo brands including Jackpot Joy, and now it seems the brand is bent on world domination as it snaps up the Parlay software too! Now the purchase of Gamesys we can understand, it’s a fantastic software package with some real gems like Jackpot Joy using it, but Parlay isn’t that big with UK players and we’ve seen several recent closures.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name then the Parlay software powers smaller, lesser known sites such as Astro Bingo, and since a selection of these sites moved to the G2 Gtech software it has even less appeal.

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Live Bingo Network Add 50-Ball Bingo

Thursday, Nov. 20th 2014 7:23 AM

The Live Bingo Network, or LBN is a popular bingo network using software from Cozy Games and throughout the last year it’s gone through some massive changes. In 2014, sixteen brands have been added to the company’s portfolio including Raw Bingo, LMAO Bingo, and many others, and now the LBN is expanding its games portfolio too with the introduction of a 50-ball bingo room.

Already Cozy Games has many bingo variants, 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball and speed ball 30, but when we reviewed one of the LBN sites a few weeks ago, we noticed a 50-ball room. On our next log in it was gone, and we can only assume it was a trial run, but now it’s official, 50-ball bingo will be available at LBN.

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Review Updates At Playing Bingo

Tuesday, Nov. 11th 2014 7:48 AM

On 1st November legislation came into force in the UK that meant all sites with UK players have to be licenced by the Gambling Commission. Previously it was considered acceptable to have UK players if the licence was held in one of the ‘White List’ territories like Gibraltar or Malta for example. These changes mean that operators who do not have a UK licence cannot accept UK based players at their sites, or even advertise to players in the UK for that matter.

For this reason we have spent the last few days checking and double checking all of the sites that we have reviewed over the years and where necessary, removed any links to the sites who are not compliant with the new Gambling Act.

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