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Explosive Firework Night At Ladbrokes Bingo

Saturday, Nov. 5th 2016 7:18 AM

‘Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason. Why gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot!’ Well this 5th of November will certainly not be forgotten by the lucky winners at Ladbrokes Bingo as everyone is playing for a share of a £60,000 prize pool!

The £60K Firework Hour takes place in the Living Room at Ladbrokes Bingo on Bonfire Night. The main event, the bonfire itself or the impressive firework display, happens at 10.30pm where the lion’s share of the £60,000 prize pool will be won. This game boasts £50,000 in prize money on its own!

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Last Day For Bob’s Shed Special At Ladbrokes Bingo

Saturday, Oct. 15th 2016 7:37 AM

Since 4th October Ladbrokes Bingo has been running a special promotion focused around their standalone room, Bob’s Shed. The Bob’s Shed Special gives you the opportunity to play your way into the room and get in on some free bingo action this October.

The promotion has been running for a little while now and sadly today is the final day for qualification to play in the room at Ladbrokes Bingo. Tomorrow will host the final session of the free games from 5.30pm until 7.30pm. In that two hour sessions, there will be a £500 prize pool to be shared amongst the lucky winners.

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Ladbrokes Bingo Extend A Warm Welcome To Newbies

Thursday, Oct. 6th 2016 7:49 AM

When it comes to rolling out the red carpet for new players, we see many different sites change the offer that they extend to newbies regularly in an effort to ‘keep up with the joneses’. Ladbrokes Bingo is one such brand but their most recent change happened in June.

It was then that Ladbrokes Bingo dropped the 500% bonus and reduced it to 300% so it can sometimes be worth playing the field a little bit and waiting on the best offer when it comes to bingo bonuses. However, whilst the deal isn’t quite as lucrative as it once was, it’s still a good deal. Don’t forget, there’s also 7 days free bingo thrown in as part of the welcome package too!

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Who Sings The Wink Bingo Advert Song?

Tuesday, Sep. 6th 2016 7:54 AM

When it comes to great advertising there are a number of bingo commercials that have caught our attention over the years and you’ll probably recall one or two of them. Who can forget the dancing dog of the Wink Bingo advert or the pyjama clad woman dancing on the ceiling from the same site? For us the recent campaigns from this brand have been quite dull in comparison, so the new advert came as a very pleasant surprise – not least of all because we love the backing track used!

A little bit of research revealed the Wink Bingo advert song is called Goodness and it’s by a band called Sonny Cleveland. Better still, it’s available to download on iTunes right now at just 79p! The commercial advertises the brand new welcome offer for new players of £5 free and we think it’s going to be a hit amongst viewers and certainly likely to increase the sales of the song.

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Rocket Bingo Go Freebie Mad

Thursday, Aug. 25th 2016 7:49 AM

When it comes to networked bingo brands you don’t get many that raise their heads above the parapet and offer something a bit different to the standard deals, especially on the 15 Network. However, Rocket Bingo certainly do just that and for this site, the exclusive offers seem to be free bingo related.

There’s Genuine Free Bingo, Lunchtime Launch, £100 House and Mission Control – all exclusives to Rocket Bingo. The site is also home to the Newbie Free Bingo and of course, the standard free games that the network has to offer. This means that this site really are a little freebie mad!

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Newbie Free Games At Vernons Bingo

Thursday, Aug. 18th 2016 7:04 AM

A free bingo game as a new player incentive has been offered and still is, by many an online bingo brands. Usually when free games are involved there are certain time limits, often a maximum of one week but also some offer just three days access to their free play room. Vernons Bingo is doing things a little differently.

Yes, Vernons Bingo do offer free games and yes, there are time restrictions on the access given but those are not quite as limiting as you might expect. This site opens up the free room to players after their first deposit on bingo and gives access for a whole month!

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90th Parade Celebrations At Brits Bingo

Monday, Jun. 6th 2016 7:11 AM

As you have probably guessed from their name, Brits Bingo is a brand that is obsessed with everything British, hence their red, white and blue colour scheme and the crown wearing, union flag draped bingo ball logo. It is only natural then that they want to make the most of the Queen’s birthday, after all, it’s not every day that she turns 90. Her birthday may be over and done with for another year, but Brits Bingo are making the most of the occasion and are continuing the fun with their 90th Parade Celebrations.

To kick things off, there is a series of special 90 ball games that are fit for a Queen! They are taking place in the Queen’s Parade room on Friday 17th June, Friday 24th June and Friday 1st July at 8pm.

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Paint The Wink Bingo Welcome Wagon

Thursday, Jun. 2nd 2016 7:04 AM

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen many an online bingo brand change up their welcome offer for new players, it’s something that happens on a regular basis as sites compete with each other to attract your custom. For us as bingo players, the competition means that we are given some great deals. Wink Bingo is the latest brand to make a few amendments to the new player deal they have on their proverbial table.

Until Sunday 15th May a new player registering with Wink Bingo could enjoy the following; three days access to the Newbies Room (no deposit required) and with a £10 first deposit a 350% cash match bonus and a spin of the prize wheel for bonuses or tangible prizes. This is no longer the case…

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