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Wonga’s Betty Does Bingo

Thursday, Feb. 7th 2013 1:55 PM

Unless you don’t watch television, you can’t have failed to have caught one of the adverts for the short term loan company featuring the OAP puppets, Betty, Earl and Joyce. Betty is currently doing bingo in an effort to promote their brand and whilst I love bingo, I’ve been having an internal debate as to whether to write this news article.

The game Betty’s Bingo is free to enter, you aren’t required to take a loan but for me there is a moral question as to whether a short term loan company that has representative APR of 4214% shown on their home page should be using bingo, a form of gambling, to advertise their wares.

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888 Withdrawal Rules Differ On Facebook

Monday, Dec. 24th 2012 7:04 AM

Recently we spoke about the launch of a new pay to play bingo product on Facebook from the well-known gaming company, 888 Holdings. We were excited to pop along and check out exactly what Bingo Appy had to offer but were more than a little disappointed to find that what we appeared to be reviewing was just another 888 online bingo product.

We’d been expecting big things from the app, only the second to offer real cash play on Facebook but sadly it disappoints in our opinion. However, whilst we may not be impressed with the game play on Bingo Appy, the withdrawal rules are better but is this enough to attract the stalwart online player to the Facebook app?

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Bash Gaming Set To Gross $55 Million

Tuesday, Dec. 18th 2012 7:25 AM

The company behind the popular Bingo Bash game on Facebook is set to gross $55 million this year as their virtual gaming platform goes from strength to strength. BitRhymes created the Bingo Bash game and it’s become so popular that they have renamed their entire company Bash Gaming, giving the brand far more recognition with players.

Bingo Bash is fast becoming one of the most popular games on the platform, allowing players to play virtual bingo on Facebook, or from a mobile phone. The game isn’t considered gambling as you can’t win anything, but you can buy credits to play.

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Facebook Sign A Deal With 888

Monday, Dec. 17th 2012 7:26 AM

Gaming has become an integral part of social networking with a plethora of ‘free to play’ games across the platform. While lots of these games are free to play, you can buy credits with real cash, and many of these companies are making huge profits. This isn’t considered gambling as you cannot cash out any winnings you receive. This changed in August 2012 when Bingo Friendzy, the first ever ‘real cash play’ game launched on Facebook.

We recently read the news that Facebook has signed a deal with online gaming giant 888 Holdings to allow real money bingo and casino games within the social networking platform as well.

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Bingo Friendzy Launches on Facebook

Tuesday, Aug. 7th 2012 10:31 AM

Facebook has long been the place to play free bingo games with a selection of apps that all offer a variety of different game variants, none of which offer the ability to win real cash. That was until today when Bingo Friendzy launched on Facebook! The app, from Gamesys, works in much the same way as Jackpot Joy and to play you have to register. The game is age restricted and only open to UK residents.

In choosing to sign up you are warned that you are entering an 18+ gaming environment with a sub text “Please enter your details correctly so you can play without delay”. Upon completion of your registration you have to deposit in order to enter the rooms at Bingo Friendzy and the app offers the same depositing options as Jackpot Joy.

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3am Bingo Goes Social On Facebook

Monday, Aug. 6th 2012 8:45 AM

It was only on Wednesday of last week that we told you all of the 3am Bingo closure and players being migrated to the sister site, Mirror Bingo. However a recent visit to Facebook revealed a side advert for 3am Social Bingo! A visit to the app revealed the same logo for the original pay to play brand and a mass of advertising for Mirror Bingo with numerous calls to action for making the leap from free bingo on Facebook to pay to play at Mirror Bingo.

We’ve compiled a full review of the 3am Social Bingo app already and in all honesty; it will definitely appeal to the wannabe celebrity who loves bingo and free gaming.

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Gala Bingo Facebook Feedback

Thursday, Jul. 26th 2012 7:01 AM

As our readers will be well aware Gala Bingo recently underwent a huge transformation; gone is the old proprietary software and in comes the offering from Playtech/Virtue Fusion. Now whilst we are fans of this software it would appear that a number of players are having issues with the new look site, from technical issues to just general dislike for the new product.

We popped along to the official Gala Bingo Facebook page to take a look at some of the feedback that had been posted about the brand and it wasn’t really “glowing”. However, what you have to remember about most people is that whilst they may be happy to complain, how many actually take the time to praise a product or service received?

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