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Euro Balls From William Hill Bingo

Tuesday, Jun. 21st 2016 7:54 AM

There’s no avoiding it, as much as many of us would like to, Euro 2016 is here and we’re now several matches in and still with quite a few more before the final on 10th July. As a bingo player, you’ll prefer your balls with numbers on rather than leather and across the Internet sites are offering you many different promotions with a football theme. William Hill Bingo has gone one step further and before the tournament started, launched a new app called Euro Balls.

Before kick-off for Euro 2016 William Hill Bingo gave players the opportunity to make predictions for each group.

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Table Top Entertainment Ltd Learn Nothing From ASA Ruling

Friday, Aug. 8th 2014 7:21 AM

On 23rd July 2014 a ruling was published on the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) website against Table Top Entertainment Ltd t/a Jackpot Cafe. There had been two complaints about an advert that had appeared on the social networking site Facebook. Jackpot Cafe had intimated in the ad that a UK man had won £18,000 with a £20 free bonus. It turned out that whilst he had won that much money at the site, he had also deposited and the period in which he won was from April 2013 to December of the same year.

Needless to say, the advert was banned and Table Top Entertainment Ltd told that is must not appear again in its current form (read original ruling from ASA here).

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Jackpot Cafe Facebook Ad Banned By ASA

Monday, Jul. 28th 2014 7:18 AM

In April of this year one of our team, Kath, covered a story about advertising on Facebook by Jackpot Cafe. In the article she questions how responsible the advert actually is and suggests that it breaches Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) guidelines. She was so incensed by the ad itself that she even took the time to comment (you can read the article, and her comments here).

It would appear that Kath was not the only person incensed by the Jackpot Cafe Ad on Facebook; two complaints were received by the ASA and the result? Table Top Entertainment who own Jackpot Cafe have had their wrists well and truly slapped by the ASA and the advert must no longer be shown in its current format.

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Rocket Bingo Lands On 15 Network

Friday, Jun. 27th 2014 6:39 AM

Over the last few weeks we have seen a number of new bingo sites open their doors to players and today we have news of another, this time though it is not Cozy Games or Dragonfish but a new 15 Network site. Rocket Bingo is the latest brand to land and we have to say, we were quite taken with the site when compiling the review. Of course, having our own brand on the same network we knew pretty much what to expect BUT they do have a couple of little exclusives.

Rocket Bingo has started with a bit of fun in the exclusive promotions department, the Loo Roll Rocket. Up for grabs is an iPod Nano 7th Generation and to win, you have to go all ‘Blue Peter’ and build a rocket out of empty toilet roll holders.

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Facebook Real Money Bingo Friendzy Closes

Saturday, May. 31st 2014 7:50 AM
Bingo Friendzy

Bingo Friendzy

When Bingo Friendzy launched in August 2012 we were one of many sites to debate whether real money bingo on Facebook was going to catch on. We wondered why an online bingo player would choose Facebook over your traditional Internet gaming option and asked if other sites were set to follow suit. You can read the original article here.

The only other brand to follow suit was Bingo Appy, a product launched by 888 and this product is still available. However, the same cannot be said of Bingo Friendzy as on Wednesday we received an email from Profitable Play and Bingo Friendzy telling us that it was the last day in which we could use any funds remaining in our account.

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GSN Buys Bash Gaming For Undisclosed Sum

Friday, Mar. 7th 2014 7:08 AM

Bingo Bash is one of the biggest social bingo apps available with more than 4 million monthly users, so a $170 million estimate doesn’t seem awfully high for the acquisition of Bash Gaming by GSN Games that has just been announced.

Social bingo and casino apps are big business and Bingo Bash is no different. The app is one of the most popular play for fun apps around and it’s available to play via your Facebook, iOS, Android or Kindle.

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Bingo Bash In Top Ten Apps

Friday, Jul. 12th 2013 7:17 AM

The app store has been open for a while now and in that time they have racked up considerable app sales. Today there are 900,000 apps for the user to choose from, and understandably that covers quite a broad genre. Sales have never been so high, and Apple has never been such a popular brand, and now the Top 10 apps of all time have been released, and perhaps unsurprisingly, in there is a bingo app!

In at number 10, on the Top 10 Apps of all time is Bingo Bash from Bash Gaming, and it’s a popular app connected to Facebook and that’s where it first made its appearance, as one of the early Facebook Bingo apps. It was clear from the start it was going to be hugely popular, but we thought the brand might have taken a dent when paid bingo came to Facebook last year.

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Rap On The Knuckles For Rap Chic Bingo

Wednesday, Jun. 5th 2013 3:24 PM

When it comes to getting your product brand name out there online bingo sites use many different mediums for advertising. We see an abundance of different brands advertising on television, open any women’s magazine and you will find at least one advert and of course there is social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with groups and fan pages on the former.

When a brand opens I usually pop along to Facebook and ‘Like’ their fan page. This is so that I can stay abreast of any exclusive promotions and codes and generally keep an eye on the feedback about a brand. I do not do it so that the likes of Rap Chic Bingo can spam my wall with pictures advertising their wares in an effort to attract more players!

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