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Court Rules Against Paddy Bingo For Paddy Power

Wednesday, Jun. 10th 2015 7:05 AM

When Paddy Bingo launched we were one of the first to mention the similarity in the names between it and Irish Giants Paddy Power. Paddy Power has been using the brand name, first as a chain of independent bookmakers and later online since 1988, with Paddy Bingo registered far more recently. Now a court has ruled that the name is designed to cause confusion and Paddy Bingo must cease to use the name.

Paddy Bingo launched on the 15 Network last year, but the domain itself has been used for other bingo advertising sites too. Paddy Bingo quickly relaunched as Clover Bingo as this case was pending, and now a court has resounded that decision with their decision.

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Bingo Sites To Avoid

Friday, Sep. 19th 2014 12:33 PM

You may or may not already be signed up at the following online bingo sites, and if you haven’t, they should probably be best avoided (at least for the time being). Big Time Bingo, Bingo Palace, BingoSC, and are reported to be closing, so they should not be played on or registered at.

Players who already have accounts with the above mentioned sites have been advised to “CHARGE BACK ALL TRANSACTIONS THAT YOU HAVE MADE IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS”. Having said that, it is unlikely that reimbursements can be obtained.

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Table Top Entertainment Ltd Learn Nothing From ASA Ruling

Friday, Aug. 8th 2014 7:21 AM

On 23rd July 2014 a ruling was published on the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) website against Table Top Entertainment Ltd t/a Jackpot Cafe. There had been two complaints about an advert that had appeared on the social networking site Facebook. Jackpot Cafe had intimated in the ad that a UK man had won £18,000 with a £20 free bonus. It turned out that whilst he had won that much money at the site, he had also deposited and the period in which he won was from April 2013 to December of the same year.

Needless to say, the advert was banned and Table Top Entertainment Ltd told that is must not appear again in its current form (read original ruling from ASA here).

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Bingo Hollywood Changes For The Worse

Saturday, May. 3rd 2014 7:23 AM

Bingo Hollywood isn’t one of the brands online today that we visit very regularly; it doesn’t have enough about it to keep us going back if we are honest. However, a recent visit to double check a few details of the site through up some rather unpleasant issues that were either not in place when we reviewed that site or we simply missed. To say we were disappointed would be a bit of an understatement.

When we originally reviewed Bingo Hollywood at the point of redesigning Playing Bingo in May 2012, the minimum withdrawal from the brand was just £20 so long as you had deposited at least £30 into your account. The recent visit revealed that the site has a minimum withdrawal amount of a whopping £50, as bad as many Cozy Games sites!

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Ad Wording Lands Jackpot Joy In Trouble With ASA

Friday, May. 2nd 2014 7:41 AM

At Christmas, Jackpot Joy Bingo ran a promotion where it was promised that you could “Win prizes in time for New Year’s! Celebrate New Year’s Eve with fun-filled games and the chance to win cash and prizes in our all-day NYE Chat Party. Chat Tues 31st December”, and that advert has now landed the brand in hot water with the Advertising Standards Agency by a customer who reported the ad for being misleading.

The complainant had participated in the chat party, but she says no prizes were given away causing her to report Jackpot Joy Bingo to the ASA and leading to a full adjudication.

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Jackpot Café Push Advertising Rules

Monday, Apr. 14th 2014 7:37 AM

In recent times the Advertising Standards Agency (A.S.A) have really moved with the times, and now they don’t only cover television advertising, but have broadened their spectre to cover advertising online, banner advertising, and even advertising in newspapers and magazines. Even Facebook advertising is covered by the new rules, which leaves us wondering what Jackpot Café were thinking with their latest Facebook sponsored campaign.

As lots of Facebook users will have recently discovered, many of us are now seeing brands on the social media site that we haven’t chosen to see, such is the prolific nature of sponsored ads. So when the ad below popped up on Facebook last week, claiming that a player had won £2,615 from bonus funds at Jackpot Cafe we went to check the terms and conditions.

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Charity Begins At Home

Thursday, Apr. 3rd 2014 12:10 AM

Charity Bingo has a unique selling point over other brands on the 15 Network, the brand offers £1 to charity for every £20 deposited at the site. In January this year Cancer Research benefitted from a donation of £392, in February The British Heart Foundation received £358 and last month Scope hit the jackpot with £529. There’s a real feel good factor to the site but unfortunately, there is a bad smell lingering around the brand that refuses to dissipate.

Prior to January 2014 we can find no historical references to donations made to worthy causes by Charity Bingo and despite contacting the site for information, it has not been provided and emails have been left unanswered. We do know that since the beginning of the year that has been a change in management and this is clear in the transparency of the site now, however it does not negate the fact that since October 2012 until December 2013 the brand refuses to provide details of their charitable donations.

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When Is A Big Win Not A Big Win?

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd 2013 2:19 PM

When is a big win not a big win? Interesting question and the answer is simple – when it is at Biscuit Bingo! We’ve long been a bit wary of the sites that use the Cozy Games software and for good reason. Although things are changing for the better at some sites that use the software, we still receive player complaints and requests for advice on quite a regular basis. The latest came from a player at Biscuit Bingo who had quite a substantial win whilst playing instant win games at the site.

We shall refer to the player simply as X. X had deposited quite a tidy sum at Biscuit Bingo and was pleased to almost treble his deposit whilst spinning the reels. However, upon requesting a withdrawal he was told that he could only receive a maximum of £250 per week from his winnings!

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